If ur not interested in answering then don't I don't want ppl to be like this is so elementary... I just want some help :))))?

So I'm a freshmen in highschool and I like this guy, he is aware that I like him and theres a good chance he may be interested.
 I have only two days left now to give him my number and I don't know how.(spring break) I don't wanna look desperate or stupid or just an idiot in general. some things are saying to write a note and give it to him but I feel like that's stupid. I would find it easy to give a friend of his my number right in front of him, for homework etc. but I don't know any of his friends. I need some good ideas and quick. also I don't know him well. I can never talk to him cuz hes always with his friends and we cant really talk. so its not like I know this guy well. I really want to get to know him though and I have no way of getting to know him so I would like some ideas.... thx!!


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Like Walt said, just give a piece of paper with your number on it. Just say something simple like, "If you want to get together for coffee or something over spring break, give me a call." Smile and walk away. If he is interested he will call if not, he won't.

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how if he is not in any of my classes tho? and he is always around his friends.
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So? You walk up in front of his friends. If you are actually interested in the guy you are going to have to deal with his friends.
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Just walk up to him with a slip of paper with your number on it ... Give it to him, and say "Call me sometime.  I'd like to stay in touch with you."

If you can't make that simple act, you aren't ready for the relationship.

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As a freshman in high school, you might want to try this---Just give him your number to get the homework from him instead of his friend.  That way you have a common neutral ground for conversation and interaction and you can see what develops from that level of relationship.

If he does not share any classes with you, then give him your number when his friend is not around and ask him to give it to his friend for homework purposes.

Either way let's you "test the waters" without getting your feet wet.

Good luck

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