So to make a long story short. My ex friends with benefit/lover we hooked up this past weekend. And,  out of all the guy's I have been with in the past sexually. He's one of the few ones, that knows my body really well, and what turns me on sexually. But anyways, I have noticed this, when we did have sex frequently a lot more in the past this always would happen. It's like, anytime that him and I do have sex it's like the day afterwards or the day after that I still feel the need of wanting more sex. And I don't know if that's normal to still feel the need and the urge to want more sex. Btws, Someone said that he's not doing his job right, then another person says it is normal. But again, anytime that we have hooked up in the past, and now back at it again lol. We end up going two rounds. So what could be the problem here, is it me or is it that the sex between us is not that great or grant?


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According to you, he knows your body really well.
I'm guessing that means he brings you to (the big O).

If not, then he really does NOT know your body well.
And what you are wanting is to be able to (the big O) and "finish what you started."

If he does bring you to (the big O) ... There is nothing wrong with wanting more of the good stuff.  LOL

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Sex pleasure and food pleasure travel the same neural pathways.

If the food is really good, you will usually want second helpings at the one meal.

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Erica Gray
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Ohhh I get what you mean lol.
Tom  Jackson
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Yes, a good meal just whets one's appetite for another good one.

I personally find as a man that after 5 helpings, I can go without food for a day or so.
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