What Do I Do If My Friend Finds Out Im A Vampire?


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Unnecessary killing would only lead to disaster they wouldnt tell because thats the way humans like things even if they dont know it. Not to mention that no one would believe them . And i really want to be a vampire so could you contact me at blakevayda2gmail.com i had to say 2 because i cant say @
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U should kill them, dont let them get your secret out
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Um i dont thing killing anyone would solve a problem...
Jacquelyn Mathis
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Legally if this person went out and killed someone, you could be held liable. So, do you think you might want to say something like that again?
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Easy...just blackmail them with proof that ur a zombie
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Well if the person is really your friend they would be happy that you trust him/her with this secret. Being a vampire shouldn't be frowned upon. You are special and shouldn't care what happens. Also tell the person lightly and don't kill anyone please.
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This is the real world, not in the movies, and there is no such thing as a vampire, zombie, or werewolf.
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Dont talk about it alot. Just chill!! Im one and as long as you dont act strange they wont notice that your a vampire
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Just get that 'twilight effect' out of your head..you will realize that u r only a human..

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