Can you love more than one person at the same time? Just curious.


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Cherry Rose answered
In my opinion, no.  People may develop feelings for more than one person at a time, but I believe this is different from actually being in love with them.
If you 'love' more than one person, then your 'love' was not strong enough, and is therefore only a crush. See?

But people, I think, can have any number of crushes at one time.

Hope that helped. :)
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kate ashley answered
Yes, but maybe not equally fair
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Niki Lim answered
I think it is possible to love 2 even 3 people at the same time, I mean you love your parents don't you? That's already 2 people.
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Chloe Logan answered
I'd say yeah because to be honest you cant controll feelings, you love your parents, siblings, friends, family members, so surely if you love 2 guys/girls its not completely different.
Also you could be torn between the two, and if its unconditional love then you may love more than one person :)
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