Can A Man Fall In Love With Two Women At Same Time (With One Being His Wife And The Other His Girlfriend)?


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A guy might think he can, but it's not true. Men are always going to be attracted to other women - it's just biology.

However, acting on this feeling is a conscious decision from which there's no going back.

Can a guy really love two women at the same time?
It's certainly possible to have feelings for two different women, but I strongly believe that true love is too intense to be shared.

Being in love means finding yourself in a state where you are completely dedicated and devoted to another person, no matter what. If that feeling can be infiltrated by sentiments towards another woman, then it's not really love!

Guys who have a wife and find themselves chasing after other women are simply not in love with their wife any more. That's not to say they don't care about her at all, but that the 'spark' has certainly died out.

Facing up to that can be difficult for both parties, but it's the only way that things will ever get better. The alternative is to end up caught in a love triangle where everyone loses out in the end.
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No, but he can have his cake and eat it too - cheats are cheats! He should stop fooling around with two women. Are marriage vows and fidelity worth nothing at all?

And, if he can cheat on his wife for another women, he can cheat on the other woman for someone else... This is never a good situation for the three or maybe more involved!
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You can fall in love with two people, but you love one person more, it's just how it is.

Stop cheating on your wife unless you are ready to call it quits.

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