Would You Divorce Your Wife/ Husband If They Cheated You, And In Detail Explain Why?


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If my fiance cheated on me and I knew it for a fact he did, I would pack up my things and leave without saying anything and would not return for any reason.
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If my hubby cheated, as in had sex with someone other than me, i would be at the courthouse asap asking for divorce papers. If he kissed someone, he would be out. It would be very hard to trust him. It kinda is now because his ex girlfriend keeps calling here and he's done said before that he still loves her. Well u know what??? No. I wont. He'll be gone as soon as i hear about it. If I think he is, I'll put my foot somewhere he don't want it. I couldn't bear seeing him and constantly reminded that another woman other than me had touched him.
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If i found out my husband cheated, i would be so gone. Take the kids and move on. The next time i would see him would be in court...I can't and won't be with someone who cheats and lie's. Disrespected me and my kid's like that..his kids to. No way no how.
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I do not tolerate cheating. By anyone. Once a cheater, always a cheater. Once the trust is broken, you can not regain it.

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