How long is too long to wait on someone you think could be the one?


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Maria Not Telling Profile
Well if there truly the 1 than u can wait forever but more than likely shes not so 2 months
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Jack Altmen
Jack Altmen commented
Im pretty close to two months and it sure felt that way when i was with her the way we just clicked.
richard Leonard Profile
richard Leonard answered
Well if you have tried all you could to impress her, protect her, show her you funny and mature, and chased her and she still hasn't bit the bate after about 2 months, i would call it a day.
diego gutierrez Profile
diego gutierrez answered
Maybe a couple of months or a couple of years if you both go through some tuff times and still stick together
Beth Howden Profile
Beth Howden answered
There is no answere to the question. It depends on how fast th relationship is going, and how comfortable you are with each other.

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