I Think My Girlfriend Might Be Attracted To Someone Else. Can You Tell Me How To Tell If She Is - Like The Little Things,and Big Things Too?


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Hm...there are few points by which you can make out if your girlfriend is attracted to someone or not .check it out---

@ if she is ignoring you and showing more interest in other things or person

@ if she is fighting with you for small things

@ if she is insulting you directly or indirectly

@ if she is making taunts at you

@ if she is avoiding you

Then it is sure that she is attracted to someone else and wants to leave you.
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First of all, if you suspect something, that's usually a good indication it's happening. What kind of proof is there? Does she avoid your calls or tells you she's busy or doesn't want to see you like before?
It sounds like the two of you need to have a sit-down and get to the bottom of this feeling you have. Eye contact is very important, if she avoids looking at you and tells you she is not interested in anyone else, I would think "HMMM".
I agree with the answer "sana" gave too. Sometimes actions speak louder than words.
Communicate communicate communicate - very important! You just have to ask her. Good luck to you!
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If she is texting him when you are next to her and leaves comments on facebook, myspace, bebo etc. Saying stuff like love you dude or something.

If shes been with him before thats always a major point!

If she has a different section for him on I'm than all her other contacts then that is when you know !

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