How can I tell if he is attracted to me?


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Thats not a proper question. You haven't told anything about him , I mean the way he talks and looks at you and stuff. If you tell all this info then maybe I can tell if he's attracted to you or something else's is there!

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There are various ways to tell if a person is physically attracted to you. These things could be very subtle and may require you to be extra alert in order to pick up on them.

How to tell if someone likes you

Firstly, the main way to tell if someone is attracted to you is by how they look at you. They may stare at you unintentionally and find it hard to look away, or hold your gaze a little longer than normal, so try to look out for that.

Secondly, body language is a definite teller. When somebody is attracted to you, they usually demonstrate 'inward' body language towards you, i.e. They will turn their body towards you whilst talking to you, they will have an open stance and they may subconsciously groom themselves, e.g. Stroke their face or touch their hair. This shows they are conscious of their appearance in front of you. They may also get nervous and fidgety around you and might even perspire a little. But this is not always the case.

I hope this helps.

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