How Can I Tell If My Guy Friend/ Crush Really Likes Me When He Looks At Me?


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His eyes will tell you everything and so does his body language , that is what you need to watch for
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When people are crushing on a person they can't stop looking at the person so observe that
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You can tell if he likes you if he's always looking at you constantly and smiling I would just ask him.
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You can tell if he likes you if he smiles at you when he sees you and he will often look at you/make eye contact. Just smile and be yourself when you are with him. Good Luck!
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That's a good Question... :) I have the same problem.... But as I see on my crush he smiles at me, waves (if he wants my attention :)) Oh, and he makes eye contact- a lot! Hope I've helped:)
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Yes you can tell by the way he looks at you, wanting to spend time with you, he will do anything for you, he has a big major crush on you, so if you don't feel the same be careful, and if you do, more power to you.
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All of the above, and if given a chance to touch you by holding your hand or kissing you, you'll know for sure. You can give him the opportunity and if he responds, he's yours and if he doesn't, then you are not embarrassed

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