I Have This HUGE Crush On This Guy And How Do I Tell If He Likes Me Back?


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Talk to him, ask him can he come with you, for a walk of anything like that, and tell him in the way, that you like him, he would like it. But before that, be careful about how he acts when he sees you, look at his eyes, where he's looking at? At your eyes? Thats cool. If he's looking at your eyes and smiles sometimes, then its ok, everything's ok, go for it. Good Luck
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Wowww that's sooo cute that you have a crush I remember having the same feelings for someone for 4 years. We were best of friends in high school I never really came out and tell him how I felt but I knew deep down he knew how much I care. Things didnt went my way we hardly communicate the way we use to so please please don't let that happen in your situation.
Just be yourself around him LOL - well try. If he's shy then you got to be the one to make the first step. Tell him how you feel its the only way you will know how he feels. Just take it one step and a time and you will be fine. I wish you all the best!
I hope my advice helps!
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Well, I actually have a problem close to Yours but I only see him at school breaks. (and sometimes after school when he plays football or he's out for a walk with his younger sister...).He smiles at me whenever he sees me, and waves to me too (especially if he wants my attention)(he's shy thoug). But I have it easyer because he's my friends brother :D so As I said, If he smiles a lot when he sees you, and he's trying to make eye contact it's a good sign ;) Good luck :) Hope I helped a bit ;))
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I know how you feel, I had the same problem till last night.. He actually went through about 7 different people to find my number <3

Anyway, If he likes you he will probably give you small hints sadly these are usually quite tiny but if you pay close attention you may begin to notice; looking at you when you are looking away, smiling when you walk into the room, trying to act tough around you, trying to catch your eye- wanting eye contact, if he trys to touch your arm or something (physical contact) etc...  If he continues the same way I'd just go for it, ask him to see a movie or something?!?

Hope this helped!!
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I am in the same situation...well maybe do what I did and get his number then text him. Flirt, but also play hard 2 get. Jealousy might help. Talk 2 him about a guy you think is cute and he might get a lil jealous. But if none of those work just go old school and tell him you like him!

You hve it easy because the guy I like doesnt go 2 my school or live near me!
Hope my advice helped!

With love,
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Well, if he is shy find things in common let him come to you if he really does like you, he'll come to you! If not a healthy relationship starts from just being friends. It will grow and who knows?!
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Ask him! If you really love him you shouldnt be embarrassed!
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You need to put a note in his locker signed YOUR SECRET ADMIER.If you don't have a locker yet, just put a note in his backpack.

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