Why Can't I Except That My Relationship Is Over And Move On?


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I was in the same situation as you sometime ago. I wanted out of the relationship, moved out of his house and tried moving on. Everytime I thought I was past it, he would show up. I am in a self help program and I learned the Serenity Prayer there. It says "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, (which is other people) and you broke up with him for a reason, the courage to change the things I can, (which is ourselves) and the wisdom to know the difference. I had to take this prayer apart and really understand it and change my thoughts from him to Him. It worked for me because I really used it, as many times a day as I needed. The other is to make a list of the reasons why you broke up with him and then burn it and let it go. We have to really, really want what we are trying to do and it will come to be. I wish you luck, it sounds like you might me a bit obsessive as well, as I was. There are programs for codependency out there too.
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You need to try your best to look beyond the relationship you had. Find a hobby that will keep you around other people and keep you busy so that you don't think if it as much or stay close around friends. Over time, you will begin to forget and move on.

You may also have to do some cleaning. Get rid of those things that bring back memories. You may not have made the choice to move on but your companion did and to think that there is a chance, no matter how slight, is very unlikely and would become an issue in itself over time.
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If it hasn't been more than a few months give yourself a break. Change is HARD. If it has been forever and you still cry when you hear that song then you need to FOCUS on yourself. Like it or not things happen for a reason. Everything in your past has led you to where you are today. So take that pearl of wisdom and apply it to your current situation. Deep pain, I mean really gut wrenching stuff changes you . It opens up your heart to receive deeper levels of love and commitment.

To help yourself get on try changing your surroundings. A place to hang your hat or a fresh coat of paint to the old one. It would help. Dwelling amongst the things you shared will only remind you of the past. Life is out there waiting for you to jump in..
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Stop thinking her and forget about everything on her...
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It takes a while.. It's hard I know...
You shouldn't give up on anything try to make yr self busy and make new friends or if you already have some around try to keep yr self busy with them... Hopefully if you give it time and you really tend to move on with yr life you will b able to put the past behind you
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Because your dwelling on all the negatives of being single and alone. If all you think about is what you don't have and what you need, you'll always come up short and always be yearning for what you have not yet attained. If you are positive and are greatful that you a kind person, loving and eager to show your love, than it will leave your pathways open and for new things to come into your life. Wake up tomorrow witha smile and a mission to start a new path towards your new life without him.
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The healing time will gain back your strength. Surround yourself with positive support. Put you first!!!
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The best why to get over your past relationship is to find some one else to accompany that time you think of that  person that you are very attracted to

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