Should I Stay With Someone Who Continues To Make Me Feel Unwanted?


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Lena JH answered
No one likes feeling unwanted. A relationship is no place to feel unwanted. Talk to your girl/man and let them know. If they don't care then it's time to leave. The relationship is not benefitting you.
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Jane Snow answered
No I would say not to because if they make you feel unwanted then that lets you know you are wasting your time and life is too short to waste on someone that don't love you.and if you are not being love then no don't stay in this relationship I would not.hope this helps
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When my boyfriend of 6 months makes me feel like a ghost in the house and we live together. His son and cats get more attention than me also friends
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You need a good relationship... No one wants to feel unwanted thats what I think. You would really want a long term relationship, Cause all the boys would find more girls
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Yes.  I'm taking it you're a girl because a guy would never be so insecure and silly about this.  In order to have a good solid relationship a man feels it is his duty to remind a girl of their place in this world (if you're unsure what this means women are below men) I have been married for 18 years and for that to happen I have had to remind my wife on a permanent basis her imperfections in order for her to stay down to earth and not get carried away with some fantasy that she is equal.  I'm sorry to be blunt but be thankful your guy that he cares for you that much.
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Lena JH
Lena JH commented
Wow you and me would be fighting everyday, we wouldn't work for even a week!
Steve commented
There was a rumor going around that your wife run off. Hmmm, sounds like that rumor may be true.
Maebsly CCCCC
Maebsly CCCCC commented
Are you serious??!! This has got be a joke! No one is that stupid! Do you have a lot of money? Because I don't know why a woman would want to be with someone as idiotic as you? I feel so much pity for you that your ignorance has allowed you to speak out loud on this subject. I don't know you but already I can tell that yes, we are not equal, can't get much lower than you. You (and your poor wife) need serious help.

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