They Say You Never Forget Your First Love. What Happens If I Already Had My "First Love" And Fell In-love With Someone Else?


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Manuel Medina answered
If you were really in love with your first love then that just means you will always remember him/her... It doesnt mean you wont ever be able to get over them... It always happens anyway... I can count with my right hand the number of people I know end up staying with their "first love" all their lives...
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Esther Lilly answered
Very few people end up with their first love. So instead think of it as a step in life leading you to your soul mate. Learn from each past relationship and remember, soul mates aren't born, they're made. :)
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Olivia answered
By that they mean that the person will have a special place in your heart and your memories because they were your first. But that doesn't mean you will never fall in love again. And you have. That's fantastic. Maybe you didn't really love the first person very much. Maybe you did. And if you hae already had two true loves in your life, you are very lucky. You have been blessed. Enjoy your current love and don't worry too much about what's happened in the past. Live each moment as it comes.
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Jen Maykopet answered
You wont forget just like you don't forget people who made an impact in your life, but you WILL get over it
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I have also heard we each have 3 real true loves in life so what is one to believe.....the best to you

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