I Still Love My Ex-boyfriend What Should I Do?


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I would just keep busy for a while , and see if he comes back around on his own , sense you say he acts like he doesn't like you , When you ignore him he'll get to wandering why .
and then I'll bet he will come around , if not I promise you deserve better .

I know you love him , though you don't want to set yourself up for a fall

Great Luck to you Pokemong  - I wish I could have told you a fix it answer

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I have been where you are right now. I was with my ex for a long time. Then my world came crashing down on the cold December day when he ended our relationship. We spent so much time together and got to know each other so well we would kiss and hug and had our time in bed.I went through so much pain and so many nights of crying my heart was literally sore my hair started turning gray. But it telling you MOVE ON!. Because the longer you let him have your heart the harder and the more you wan nights do things with your friends. Don't text him call him etc don't let him know that you still want him because honey you look like THE SUCKER FOR LOVE. If he hasn't tried getting you back then don't waste your time. And yeah your going to still love him because he was an important part of your life. And if you have a man now then you need to let them feelings go and its not going to easy but you have to for the your sake.
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I'm in the same situation. Last weekend I broke up with the guy I lost my virginity to. Because, he was acting like I didn't matter to him. But, I really miss him. My friend set me up on a double date with her boyfriend and his friend. Should I go????
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I think you should move on. If he has had three girlfriends since you, then he's not thinking about you, trust me! Move on find you a new man, and if it's meant for your ex and you to be together, than time will tell. Don't sit around waiting on him, because he's not sitting around waiting on you!  
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We all love our exes hun. Our first love, protection, the "everything". I'll always love my ex for the hope he gave me to be independant and find myself. But even though I love him I wouldn't ever dream off telling him. That's the worse thing you could ever do. But there's a reason you are not together and sometimes being back in the same relationship, going backwards instead of forwards can be a huge mistake. There is honestly nothing that anybody can say to you that will change your love for him or make you let go, you have to do it on your own and find something you find joy in. Ever since my ex finished me, I've been attending church every sunday, and I absolutely love it. It just shows that sometimes we hurt because we have nothing else to hold on to, and when we find something, we won't ever feel like that again. I promise you, it can only get better. Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.
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Love is a very strong feeling that takes awhile to go away because it takes time depending on the person. If you want a boyfriend who will treat you right and stay committed to you then you should be patient and wait for someone who deserves a girl like you.

It seems like he has already moved on and so should you.
Good luck.
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Sometimes when you give a person your all they take advantage of you because they assume that you will always be an option for them to go back to. The fact that he has had 3 girlfriends show that he is enjoying hiMself in the dating scene. I know its hard but life eventually goes on and you will find someone else who is worth while. I'm sure that when he sees you are no longer an option he will regret losing you. Whether he runs back it depends on the type of guy he is but a guy who doesnt know whaT HE WANTS IS NOT A GUY THAT CAN GIVE A YOU  STABLE RELATIONSHIP WITHOUT HEARTBREAK.
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Its difficult to give you proper advice with so limited information. Why you guys broke up? Its your fault or his fault? If its your fault, maybe its more difficult, you have to make lots efforts to let him forgive you. But remember sth he may forgive but never forget, which might cast a shawdow on your future relationship.
If its his fault, things become easier, if you really love him and think you can give him a second chance, then just talk to him.
Good luck!
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Well, idk if u'd considered this as cheating but i kissed another guy when i was dating my ex. Its not that i purposely mean to. I just got caught up in the moment. I still really wanna be w/ my ex but its like he wouldnt listen. I know after all this, trust will be hard to gain. Idk what to do. He like hates me to death when i tried explaining everything to him.he doesnt wanna even listen. What should i do?
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I haven't call him r text him. I miss him so much though. And its like he doesn't even care. I knoe I'm crazy 4 still caring. But he knoe I'll do anything for him. But the truth is you are always going to get hurt its just that you have to chose who's worth the pain
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He left me without even breaking up with me first,just got up for work and never came home,found out he moved right in with another woman and her kids that he had prev. Mentioned was his bosses sisternlaw, now hes come by twice in the last 2 months saying he still loves me and stayed the weekend with me having the other woman knocking on my door like I
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First, you have to tell him how you feel, let him know you still care for him, and see by his reaction if he still loves you. After that you will know what to do.
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Talk to him when you get a chance to be alone. Has he got a girlfriend now? If he doesn't, maybe you could try again.
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You may love him but it doesn't sound like he feels the same way about you.
I would advise you to move on. Find someone who really cares and isn't afraid to show it
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Cherish that love and what you had and move on.... Sometimes things turn around again, and love does hurt when relationships come to an end. You'll earn respect if you move on, but you know what it is to love and its worth haviing, you sound a lovable person.

Catherine Adams
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Tell him about your feelings. Meet him and call him regularly to make him believe that you care about him and no one can care as much as you do. You have to re-establish your trust and it will take time but you shouldn't lose heart.
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I still love and care about him.but him need to stop about us.bcoz him say to me him want normal girlfriend and not secreat.im to young for him and my work.and we to different.
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But wat about if he doesnt feel nothin for me??
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Get over him he probably acts like he don't care cause he don't.the way it seems he ain't even thinking about you...so y don't you stop thinking of him.
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Think about the reasons WHY you love him... Why you all broke up (his flaws), that should help you get over him!
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She how he feels about you. If he still loves you then maybe you wernt really supposed to break up. But if hes moved on then you probably should, too.

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