How Do I Know If My Boyfriend Still Loves Me?


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Debbie Simerly answered
If you have to ask that question, then you probably know the answer already.  If there's no passion, no romance, do you still love him?
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Lauren Knight answered
He might just be going through something, talk to him and if he seems uninterested than just tell him that you need to know what's wrong and that whatever it is you're willing to help out and that you want to be there for him. Let him know that you know it's not all about you. Men have a lot of emotions they just never really get a chance to express them. So be understanding, don't push him, try and talk to him if it doesn't change within a month, I'd do some changing of my own like finding a new man or changing how sweet you are. Something.
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You should consider sitting him down and telling him everything you feel and ask him why did things change? Just see what his answer is so that you know what you need to do because if things continue the way they do either your going to leave or he will soon. Don't stay in a relationship that you have to question,
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tinga nih answered
Maybe yes and maybe no.. Ask him..
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Chris Tackett answered
He may still love you "he's just not that into you" Have a threesome with another chick to liven things up.

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