What Do You Do If A Lot Of Guys Like You?


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Pick out the one you like most to be intimate with.  Tell the others that you are happy to be platonic friends and leave it at that.  I'm married, but guys like me cause I don't act like a flippy flirty person and remain faithful to the one I've chosen.
Take it as a compliment.  If you are pretty, remember that pretty gets you in the door, but once inside, you got to stand on you own feet.  Whoever you choose to be with, make sure that he doesn't just want a pretty arm piece.  If he does, try one that doesn't.
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I need help on guys i have four liking me and i am only ten please leave a comment and i have two liking me at school and another at church and the other (this is hard to say) but its my number one best friends cousin and just to tell ya she knows it and when i talk to her about it its very ocward (sorry not a good speller) 8)
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Well i am the girl that just sent a shout and shout me back and tell me more detail
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Everybody like you but you should frankly speak to them..on whom did you choose.
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Hahaha..that'd be awesome!!I think you should get to meet each one && decide which you like && enjoy to be with more :)

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