How Do You Know What A Guy Is Thinking, Or If He Likes You?


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There's no way of knowing exactly what a boy is thinking, but then this is true for anyone. Our own thoughts are the only ones we can ever know exactly, and even they aren't always that clear!

However, it's not all bad news - sometimes, a person's body language can give clues as to what they're thinking. Does he lean closer when you talk to him, and do you often catch him looking at you? Does he look away when he's been caught staring? These are all signs that he might like you.

The alternative to trying to read his body language is to just come straight out and ask him what he's thinking. He might not tell the precise truth, but if you don't ask, you definitely won't know what he's thinking. At least this way you have a chance!

How Do I Know If He Likes Me?

  • If he's been thinking about you, he might contact you seemingly out of the blue
  • Is he looking at you?
  • Some guys are loud and start showing off when they're around a girl they like.
  • Does he 'like' a lot of things on your Facebook page?
  • Does he make excuses to talk to you about nothing in particular?
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If you are talking to him and he looks at you for about 4 seconds and then looks away it means that he is thinking of you. If he looks at you and then when you look at him he looks away, he is trying to hide his feelings for you, but don't be fooled.
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No one knows what he thinks because he is "thinking". A guy will tell you anything and everything to have his way with you. Don't be so naive, or  you are going to learn the hard way.

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