If a guy says "You are a sweet and kind young lady" to you twice and stuff, do you think he likes you or is he just being a sweet gentleman?


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Hi Rachel. I think he is just being a gentleman. Because if he likes you, he will say more sweet things than that.
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There are both posibilities if he is very frank then he is a sweet gentleman or if he is a shy guy he really likes you because shy guys hezitate to a girl that they like her...Now its upon you...
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He is being a gentleman. A guy should say more about what he likes about you other than you are sweet.
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Yo yo yo the answer is he became a sweet gentleman just like me...good day rahel!
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My name is actually Rachel, I missed up on it :P
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Oh my bad, sorry... How r u rachel? So have you get the answer of your question? Take care!

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