Do children need their own rooms?


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I'll second what Highseaair said, ideally they all should have their own space/rooms but it is very important if it is a brother and sister situation.
I bunked in a room with a step brother for like 3 years when I was growing up, we hated each other but because we were both guys it wasn't that bad of a situation.
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As Long As They Can Be By Themselves For Of  Any Length Time. Yes They Need Privacy But That Does  Not Mean A Room To Freebase Cocaine Or Get Girls Preggars. Just A Place  To Relax And Think.. Do Homework
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Sharing rooms with a brother or sister is solved easily. I slept with girl next door and her sister slept with my bother  It was a perfect solution  We had permanently resolved sibling rivalry, however at times we had troubles with jealousy. At a point in time, I was moved to a rehab center for being a sexual pervert I had a lovely room,, it had plush soft rubber walls was quiet and never heard my friends when they returned back from their electro shock therapy therapy.sessions. Now if I could quit my thumb sucking you'd never I had psychological mental twitches.
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Need? Like they need food or water? NO

In the U.S. It is customary for children to have their own room, but many, many families live in houses so small the whole family shares the available rooms. In my family, two boys share a room, and the Grandmother and Great Grandmother share a room, and Mom and Dad share a room.

When my sister was raising a family of one boy and one girl, all four family members slept in a camper or tent for many years. When she and her husband divorced, the teenage son went with dad, and the teenage daughter stayed with Mom in a studio apartment.
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I think as they get older, yes. They need to learn to respect someones privacy, sooner or later. But while their young they should stay together, great family bonds. I always hear stories of how "All 3/4/5/6 of us had to share a room, we fought all the time." adults, they're as close as can be.
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Well it depends on the child
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Well i know that i have to share a room and my room is very small and i dont have much room to grow. We are moving to a new house very soon because my mom thinks that i need my own room.
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My answer is yes.Especially if they are brothers and sisters.
They should have their own room,after they reach 3 or 4 years old
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I think if it can happen financially they should yes. It gives them privacy as well as a sense of self. They have a little piece of world to call their own & make it into what they like.
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Depends on if the parents can afford it or not.(parents saying)you eight get in there and  go to sleep in that king sized bed. Good night jim bob,good night mary ellen,good night grand pa.hahahahaha.
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Need Keith ? No. I think it's more of a choice, when it's possible.
My 2 girls shared a room until they got old enuff to want their own rooms. They didn't for a long while. They preferred staying together. If they had been Boy/Girl tho, I would've separated them B-4 they became teens. Once they're in school, it might be nice for them to have their own space to do homework, etc. So the sooner the better.

It would be important to have the means to do this too. A lot of large families don't have the means, so children of both sexes do share rooms anyway.

My S.O.'s step kids (boy/girl) shared a room into their teens, which I did not approve of, but that's all they could do....or decided to do. Once they lived with me, I changed that arrangement fast.
They shared other things I disapproved of too, so I also changed that.

By the time kids become teens, they should....if possible have their own rooms. This would be for privacy & sense of self.  If they can't....I suggest someone keep a close eye/ear on them at all times... There is too much odd behavior going on in this world. An' that's one of 'em.
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I think kids should have their own rooms IF the parents can afford it and IF the kids wants their own room.

But do they need their own rooms? No. Not till they hit their teens do they need that much privacy. 
It's nice to have your own room to decorate and make "yours" but sharing can work for younger kids and same sex. I used to share a huge room with my two brothers and we liked it, not a lot, but we always had someone to talk to. :D
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If it is possible...Yes... I am from a family of nine so it was never a reality for me. I was glad I could do it for my children. It gives them their own space and I think this is psychologically healthy. It gives them a quiet unfettered place to relax, study, do homework or perhaps engage in a task that is a creative outlet.

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