Is It Better To Do The Right Thing Or The Smart Thing?


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My deepest heartfelt sympathy to you and your family. I lost my mom too not that long ago. One thing you should think about, is everybody is suffering their loss in their own individual way, and everybody is in pain. Now is the time you all need to pull together. The holidays are going to be extremely difficult for everybody. I am the only girl in my family and my mom and I were best friends.We shared a bond like you wouldn't believe. We even had a tendency to say the same exact things at the same exact time (like twin sisters) Every "first" holiday without your mom is going to be so hard.
What I am trying to say Tgar is, your dad is hurting as much as the rest of you & like I said earlier, everybody expresses their sorrow differently. You need to stick together and love each other like you've never loved before & being together during the holidays or anyday will help keep her spirit alive. Don't you feel this is what your mom would have wanted for everyone?... I think so.
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Men can be big jerks, or maybe he wants to move on, and feels it is healthier to move on. No one can know the relationship between children and their Mother. I wouldn't allow an argument to keep me from celebrating with my siblings though. For the sake of the family some times we make sacrifices. Not the kind we want to get credit for, but the kind that comes from deep within the heart, and pleads for the love and comfort of family. What would your Mother wish for, were she here. I lost my Mother and I know she would be for peace and reconciliation.
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Try to celebrate for your family your dad at the moment acting odd is hard but he could be depressed in his own thoughts too consumed to include other people at this point i wouldn't give up just yet please try a little longer i know you are also suffering too but you and your family may be coping better take care
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Its better to do the right thing

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