If your in a relationship and you get feeling for another guy what do you do?


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Moo C. answered
You should wait it out if you start to notice your feelings for him become stronger or you dreams where he keeps on reappearing break up with your current bf and wait for your bf to get a gf before you ask this guy out
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Betty Cheng answered
Sort out your feelings... Your going to get confused which is not what your aiming for. So, talk to that other guy and see what's going on... If it's not what you had expected then keep carrying on your current relationship. Good luck.
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You need to follow your heart, cause you can't have it both ways!
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Salsa Piccante answered
Hold on to your feelings so you don't betray your guy.Otherwise you go up to the guy and tell him you got feelings for him.
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Arthur Wright answered
Then you need to make a huge decision here as to which one you really want to be with
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Asianna Ransom
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What if you love the one your with but the other one is older and more i guess bettr looking n some ways ?
Arthur Wright
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Still need to chose the bbetter of the two as to which one you feel is right and age doesnt matter as long as hes not in a retirement home or older than your Dad

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