How Do You Get A Guy, That Says He Doesn't Want A Relationship, But Says He's In Love With You, To Commit To A Relationship?


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zoe carvell answered
It sounds like he's playing you for what he can get love, sorry to say it. He's getting everything he would get in a relationship without having to actually commit to you. Cake and eating it. I'm not saying he's evil and doing it on purpose but he probably thinks you're doing the same and are happy with the way it is however you being in love complicates things. You can either go on living like this until he decides to either commit or he finds someone else or you can take charge yourself. Give him an ultimatum, its either friends or partners, and stick to it. Its much better to know where you stand than to go on living in limbo. I have a feeling he'll choose just to be friends and yes it will be hard at first but you need to find someone who'll care enough about you to commit and not just leave you hanging. Good luck!
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Nick Shaw answered
Well basically its impossible to make anyone do anything when it comes to relationships, besides if you make them do something then its not real in my opinion. So become less focused on how to get him to commit to you and more focused on showing him what an amazing person you are and how he will be losing out if he doesn't commit to you. If he actually loves you then just tell him basically if you want me physically then we need to have a more serous relationship. If it doesn't work out well...then you have two years of experience for the next guy to enjoy! Good luck.
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Wow! We have probably been dating the same guy. Because I was in the same exact situation recently. He even told me he loved me at one point. But when I asked him what was up this summer, he told me he didnt want a relationship... It sucked hearing it.. He still would contact me and he seemed very passionate but I knew he just wanted his fix. I told him we should just be friends and I havent heard from him since.

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