He Says He Doesn't Believe In Love, What Should I Do?


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Well then don't. Sometimes people say they don't believe in love, because they have been hurt, or because they fear commitment, or because they simply don't like the word. That doesn't mean he won't ever change his mind.

Does he treat you right? Is the relationship working? Are you guys happy with each other? Then why would you have to focus on a word? Let him have some space and don't smother him with the issue. He might realise it's ok to love someone and change his mind.

Look at the bright side! At least he seems to be an honest person.^^

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Honey He don't want any commitment, from what you're saying he needs someone in his life to care about him and he care also about her in other words he need emotions without long term commitment.
You have to set parameters around the relation and decide WHAT YOU WANT and go from there because what set the rules in any relation is the woman regardless the man have strong character or no .. Wish you the best.

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I'm in the same boat; my guy is committed but afraid of the responsibility the word 'love' conveys. Of course I'm not, I desire it, but I am so happy with him when I am with him, it's worth keeping things open and free for now :) so you will have to weigh the pros and cons of being with your man. Good luck.
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Prove him wrong!! Show him love is real and alive!
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I have the same problem, he says he never believed in love yet he is thinking about some girl from when he was about 16 and says he would have chose her if he could go back. ????
I don't know what to think after 16 years of marriage, and now I can honestly say he never showed me any love. He is committed, great father, but I have never felt that he truly cared for me.
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Who cares what the reason is if he doesn't believe in love then run, find someone who not only believes in love but believes in relationships whether it's with a girl, family, friends and even pets.

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