I'm in love with a man who has been married for 40 years but he won't leave/divorce his wife. He says he doesn't want her to get half of their "stuff". What do I do?


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Walk away. Why break up a long term marriage?

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You haven't found love here.  You've found lies and deceits.  Those stolen affections don't belong to you.  As long as you are with him, you'll lose.  You lose self esteem, your values and time you could spend looking for a much better man.

Your question tries to make it sound like going home to his wife is somehow cheating on you.  Phzffttt.. 😤

If your relationship has to be secret from anyone, you shouldn't be in it.  But then again, deep down you already know this.  End it.

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Wow, do you want to marry this man? . . . That's great, because if he leaves his wife FOR YOU . . . And you get married . . . I only hope another women comes along who respects the institute of marriage as much as you do right now, and takes him away from you . . . Then you can ask for half of his stuff as well . . . . Right?

If you are looking for justification, look elsewhere.

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Your not the only one.

There is another and another.

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What you do is get some self respect and walk away. That man doesn't love you, because if he did he wouldn't worry about half his stuff. He would walk away from it to be happy. Instead he is a self-centered cheater. So you have two options. Stick around until he gets bored with you, and he will. And you can feel like a victim of his circumstance. OR you an walk away and find someone who actually cares about you and not his stuff.

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Her wants his cake and eat it to. Do you like being northing but frosting to him? Frosting on a cake is always left on the plate OR licked off just to be used and abused and done with! Either way.... He has a forty year soft moist cake which he will never get rid of. He is just using the "stuff" as an excuse not to leave the cake. You will be discarded once he is done with you. Do you really want to be someones frosting! LEAVE already! But everyone here is right.... You already know all this stuff.

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