Who Falls Victim To Infatuation More Often, Guys Or Girls?


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In my opinion, women tend to become attached to a person than a man would, before even really knowing them. I think a man will see a woman and think that she is hot, or really nice, and he may like her. But, he goes about his daily life without interruption. When a woman becomes attracted to a man, it seems to consume all her thoughts. She constantly thinks about him, and how to get him, what he thinks of her, etc. Women get so much more emotionally attached then men do. I know I have done it. When I was younger, I would meet a guy, and think he is so cute, and imagine being his girlfriend. I would talk about him to my friends, and it seemed to be all I thought about. I have known of guys to be this way, but in general, I would say women win this title.

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Maybe because I'm a guy, I will say women get more infatuated than men. This might sound like a sexist answer and I apologize in advance. In youth, boys have sports to preoccupy their time, where as girls tend to flock together and out do each other in the boyfriend department.

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