Why Do People Cheat When It Is Really Not Necessary?


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People cheat because they are either unhappy with their current relationship, or, they get an ego boost with the fact that they can attract more than 1 person. Many people who are unhappy with their current relationship finds another person new and exciting. They don't want to end the current relationship because hiding and keeping secrets adds to the excitement. Some does it for an ego boost because they are lacking confidence. Having the power to be with 2 people at once possibly gives them a natural high.
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sorry if I confused you I mean at school work,something simple as blurtit,etc,I will rate your answer as that was not your fault,I should have been clearer...Thanks
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Oops! haha i only read the title that's why. Sorry! Wrong topic!
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I am in GCSE O Levels and I have never cheated. There are a lot of reasons people cheat, here are some I have seen and heard of.

  1. To get good marks.

  2. To pass and have a good result.

  3. Some schools give out punishments for bad marks, to avoid that.

  4. To make a good impression in front of their friends, teachers, administration etc.

  5. Not to face embarrassment

  6. Not to face punishments or detentions

  7. Different people cheat for different reasons!!
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I think some people cheat because they may have to hold up to certain expectations and in order for them to stay on top they cheat. Take the baseball players that do illegal steroides. They did that because they wanted to be better than others and the only way they could was to cheat. I think society as a whole puts so much pressure on people to be the best and sometimes the easy way to do that is to cut corners.
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People cheat for the most part because they are afraid of losing at the game and feel the only way to win is to cheat,talk about these things before becoming involved ask about game playing and are they a sore loser or do they play fair and it does not matter if they win or lose,most people feel that they can not win if they play fair......
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That is a great question. One that i have asked many a time. If you don't play according to the rules, you haven't really won, in fact you are a big loser. We live in a Society where people are not forced to be in Relationships, so why need to cheat. If you cheat on tests you have cheated yourself out of education. What is the point. People tell me that they peeked at christmas presents and rewrapped them. All kinds of sneaky things. I don't understand!
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Are you talking about cheating on your significant other, or like cheating on schoolwork?
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Because they think it is necessary. By the way, why would it be necessary?
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I feel people cheat because they're lazy and want that quick way to appear they've excelled over someone

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