If There Is No Physical Relationship, Is A Marriage Over?


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I have to say that that is up to the people that are together, a lot of the time when the physical part is over, it's the comfort of the companionship that will keep a couple together, and other times, it might be a co-dependent relationship.
People will stay together for many different reasons. Just because that part of a relationship is over, doesn't necessarily mean that the rest of it is.
With younger people, now that is a different story. The younger people feel that if they aren't getting that part of the marriage fulfilled, then, they assume that it is over, and will not try to repair that, for whatever their reasons are. Each relationship is different, so each will continue or finish in their own ways. Hope this helps.
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Marriage isnt over untill one of the parties think it is over.legally speaking without consummation of marriage is sex marriage is incomplete and it is one of the vital elements of marriage an in a long effective relationship.if u dint have sex with ur husband and also if he thinks it is fine then both of u can carry on a marriage for a life time.if ur partner is impotent r u r impotent marriage does not end there.if the other partner feels to end the marriage on the ground of impotency and gets a divorce then it is the end of marriage .if ur partner accepts ur impotency and still carries on then marriage will go on.such a marriage is voidable ie it can be put 2 and end at he option of the parties.
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No.. Its like loving.. You dont love a person based on physical looks only.. A marriage is over when both get divorce.. And i heard its a long process..
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No... Just a rough patch... Till death do us part not when the physical things end it's over...
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A friend of mine had to put in his two cents...
"It all depends on why the physical relationship ended and how much
love is left in the marriage.but consider this if you were in a deep
meaningful loving relationship. Wouldnt you want to express that love
in every way? There are marriages that have survived without a
phisical relationship but the question you have to ask yourself is can
yours?" cburnett32
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Is there a health problem to be checked out. I feel men are more likely to go after another woman if they are not getting sex at home whereas a woman can be happy without it.

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