How Do People Stay Together Forever?


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Many people want to know how to stay together forever.

However, ask many older couples, and they will tell you there isn't a magic spell that ensures anyone stays together forever, it's the result of a lot of things and many circumstances.
Financial pressures and unfaithfullness can be leading causes of relationships ending.

Another reason people drift apart is that life can become 'boring' and the spark goes out of a relationship. It's a good idea to try and keep the relationship alive by telling your partner how much they mean to you and never taking each other for granted.

Keep interested in each other.
You don't have to agree on everything but toleration, inyerest and respect for each other go along way to help. It can help to have separate interests so that you always have something to talk about and cherish the time that you have together.

What else can I do to ensure we stay together forever?
Apart from a caring physical relationship - being friends is one thing that keeps people together, if you can be friends and lovers that's wonderful, as over time the physical part of the relationship might change, but if you are always friends, you should be able to get through these tough times.

Try to do things to keep the spark alive, treat each other to dinner, compliment each other where you can, buy small gifts that you think might show your other half that you still think about them throughout the day.  Research shows that couples who regularly recount the early stages of their relationship and how they met are couples who have been together longer - so there should be something in that and helping to keep the magic alive.

Couples who have children find it difficult to give each other the same time and attention as they did when they were first dating, so many couples introduce a 'date night' where they have a designated night of the month to go to the movies, have dinner, talk over work and issues that they haven't had time to share the rest of the time.  You could make use of this in any relationship to always have something to look forward to each week or month.
Here we have a saying 'Never go the sleep on an argument'. Always make your peace before a new day starts. Many older couples who have been together for years recommend that one and I'm sure that it does work.
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Don't be too pushy or posessive and as long as there is love and trust in the relationship, then they will stay together forever.
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I'm quite old fashioned and well although I'm only young, I feel that if you really really want something and you go for it and do everything in your power to make sure you get what you aim for then that is also a brilliant contributing factor.
Dedication, love , trust, honesty, understand, loyalty and friendship all key factors to an amazing relationship. I wish you could see the future, and change bad things that might happen, but sadly we can't so yes we can only wish, dream and hope, but you can make anything possible if you really try. X
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Love,respect and trust your partner...
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Well to be honest with you. If you want to stay with someone forever. Love has to be there, as well as trust, communication, and understanding. Although nobody knows what the future holds, you can only hope. Many people say, my boyfriend and I or my girlfriend and I will be together forever. But the future for them holds something different and it doesn't end up that way all the time. Also if its meant for you'll to be together forever, then yes, it will happen. I believe my boyfriend and I were meant to be together since day 1 and I believe we will always be together forever. Hope I was some help to you!
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Of  course it is very difficult to stay together in a real time .But it is possible. Both of them should have concern or feeling to stay together. They need to be cautious even in many minor things which should not hurt each other.The most important driving factor will be the love. Love without trust and understanding will also break the relationship. Hope Love and Fault finding never goes together.

Proper respect should be given to each others feeling which may lead to true relationship. There may be chances to get difference of opinions which may lead to arguments. But if there is true love  and understanding it can't break the relationship
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If you fine the right person and you truly care for him/her and he/she treats you the same way, you are set.

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