How Can You Get A Boyfriend?


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I guess just being yourself and acting a little flirty, but don't over due that, ((it can get annoying)) also you could hang with guys more, ----if you don't let anyone know who you like, it will keep people guessing, when they are guessing  they might think you like them, and they will begin to like you, ---good luck but remember just because they are hot or cute on the outside doesn't mean they are the "one" --***go for personality!!!!
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Maybe you should re-think your feelings about this. Getting a boyfriend - makes it sound like buying a coat. Why do you want to 'get' a boyfriend? If you have someone specific in mind, just ask him out, otherwise just relax and enjoy life - you don't need a boyfriend. A lot of the time you're better off without! The more desperate you are to have a boyfriend, the more likely you are to either put them off, or end up with a real nasty one.
And although winter2007 was joking - it's true, act cheap and you'll get a cheap deal. If you want a nice one, you have be a bit picky and a bit patient, if you don't care who it is you will end up with Mr Wrong very quickly. There are a lot of Mr Wrongs out there!
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Stop looking and Mr. Right will find you. Be yourself and have fun. Going out with groups of friends is a time in your life that you will never forget. Plus, you never know who is in the group that likes you. My husband and I just happened to meet with our eyes and then looked away because we were both shy. He came up to me and asked me on a date.
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Ask someone that you think is suitable for asking out.
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Go on a date with a guy you really like.
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Just be yourself and talk to different boys as friends. Than if you find a boy that is just that amazing ask them out!

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