How Can I Get My Boyfriend To Control His Temper?


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My advice would be to approach the issue bearing in mind that changing your boyfriend's behaviour will be difficult. It could be that the cause of his anger is psychologically deep-seated and, in some circumstances, this may prove impossible to alter.

How to deal with my boyfriend's bad temper? In my opinion, the worst thing a woman can do to deal with a man's bad temper is to put up with it. The longer his behaviour goes unchecked, the more difficult it will be for him to see the error of his ways.
On the other hand, bringing the problem up can be difficult because it may cause a confrontation that will trigger his temper. One suggestion I'd have is to discuss the problem with someone else present. The person you choose needs to be trusted enough by both of you to act as an effective mediator, but it needn't necessarily be a trained professional. Someone like your boyfriends mom or other relative might be an idea.

Don't become a victim to his short temper If you feel that talking to him is not doing any good, you really need to ask yourself whether breaking up with him may be an option. This is usually the last thing in the world that a loving girlfriend will want to hear, but it comes with two very good advantages:

1) It will get you out of what is potentially a dangerous situation. If a man can't even control his temper around the woman that he is meant to love and respect more than any other in the world - what is to say things won't turn seriously violent?

2) A break up may do his temper good- Sometimes men need a wake up call in order to really recognize their behaviour. If you've tried talking about the problem and it still hasn't been resolved, maybe your man needs to 'see' the consequences of his temper. Breaking up with him might just be the 'shock to his system' that will snap him out of his abusive behaviour.
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If you find that your boyfriend's temper is getting out of control on a regular basis, then you need to think about the relationship. If you think that staying with him, even marrying him will 'change' him, then think again. The only way it may change him is for the worse.

If have children or may want children then you need to think about whether his temper will cause them fear or anxiety. If he feels trapped by you or the children, he may be more ready to lash out. That is not a healthy environment for children. Nor is it for you.

You could try getting him to have some counselling or seeking out a therapist who can help him resolve some of the issues which are obviously causing his anger. But for this to happen he has to recognise that there is a problem and that he wants to fix it. If he won't get help, you may need to think about ending the relationship before the temper issue gets out of hand.
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I'm sitting in exactly the same situation. Wants to help, but I am emotionally so stressed because there is not a normal moment when we are alone. To afraid to do something wrong and for nothing he gets tensed up. He said he will try, but 5 minutes later he just Cary on.. I am really on a point in my life were I decided that I am not going to take this any more.. I am a good person, also have mistakes, but I am not there to be treated like a nothing. Working hard, getting home, face his outburst, prepare dinner, face his outbursts.. If he is in a good mood then he will talk, but still I must be aware not to make a simple joke, be loving ... I tired.. I am a good looking woman who really thinks that a can be treated better than at this moment in my life
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If your boyfriend has a bad temper then the relationship could be at risk. If he's the type that blows up at every situation, then you need to think twice about being with him. Bad temper's can lead to anything..He can get so mad that he puts his hands on you and I know you don't want that. If you can't talk to him about his temper, then try to get some help, whether it be from a counselor, a friend, or a parent and if that doesn't work then exit the relationship because you deserve the best nothing less.
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Well if your boyfriend has a bad temper then you should be getting out of that relationship and into something that is safe. Bad tempers lead to hurt and pain. His temper will eventually become your fault, get out while you can.
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I'm in the same boat...been with my fiance for 6 years...and I don't know what to do, I love him so much and at the same time want to leave him..when its good its good...when its bad it is bad!! He throws temper tantrums over little things... I'm so lost
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To control your boyfriend's temper you need to start off with something he likes to do and ask him what's the matter. If he still doesn't answer then you may need to ask his parents or some of his friends.
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Feed him some x-lax muffins every day. He'd be too busy in the bathroom to get angry.

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