I Am Always Late And It Drives My Boyfriend Mad. How Can I Resolve This Situation?


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Some people seem to be incapable of getting anywhere on time, and it is indeed a very irritating habit, so you are right to try and address it.
Below are some tips I'd recommend reading through if you want to change your tardy ways. 

I'm always late and my boyfriend is not happy 
Picture this situation:
You've arranged to meet your girlfriend for lunch- you make an effort to dress up in your smartest jacket and that slim tie that she likes (the one you've only just got the hang of knotting). 
You arrive at the restaurant with time to spare, and spend a few minutes pacing about suspiciously outside before deciding to wait at the bar.
You knock back a few scotch and sodas, and feast on the free bowl of peanuts (glancing anxiously at your watch). 
After a good hour or so, you receive a call from your girlfriend saying she's been held up- but that she's leaving to meet you soon.
How do you feel? 
That's what I thought. 
There's nothing more annoying than a girlfriend that can't manage to show up on time.
It's inconvenient at the best of times, and repeat offenders tend to come across like they just can't be bothered. 
 If you want to make amends for your ways, the following advice might be of use (if it's not too late already).
My boyfriend is angry that I'm constantly late, what can I do? 
 Here's a list of things that will help you make sure you're always on time, and help you avoid the wrath of your boyfriend:
  • The first thing is to get organised.
  • If you are always late because you spend 10 minutes looking for your keys and purse, then make a place in the home where you always leave them, that way you will not have to spend time searching for them.
  • Have a clock in the house which is at least 5 minutes fast. This will prompt you into action when you think it is later than it really is!
  • If you are going to meet someone and you think the car or tube journey will be 20 minutes, always leave 30, so that you have time to overcome any last minute hurdles like not being able to find a parking space etc.
  • Finally if you do end up being just a tad late, always, always call to apologise and accept responsibility as soon as you can!
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Be willing to change. Ask your boyfriend's advice and let him show you how he does things. It is hard to break old habits but it is not impossible. If you avoid taking care of this it will only get harder. Trust me... I know. But be honest about it.

Forgive yourself... and then it will be easier to move on and easier for you to accept help. I know you can do it. It may take time but that's OK.

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