My Boyfriend Doesnt Like To Talk, And Hardly Comes To See Me. What Do I Do?


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If your boyfriend doesn't want to talk to you and doesn't come to see you, I think you need to look at the fact that he's probably not your boyfriend any more.

I think you need to ask him why he doesn't want to be bothered trying to see you and ask what have you done to deserve this sort of treatment?

It sounds as though he doesn't want to be in this relationship any longer but can't quite break it off altogether.

You need to have some pride in yourself and not allow him to treat you like this.
Are you contacting him? If so don't and see if he gets back in touch with you. If not it seems your boyfriend is as they say history. Find other things to interest you and have a bit of fun in your life.
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Honestly I think that if your boyfriend isn`t calling you and doesnt want to see you then maybe it has nothing to do with you maybe he's going through somthing that he's scared to talk to you about. Or he doesn't really have the same feelings for you anymore and wants out of the relationship but doesn't want to hurt you. Maybe for a while you could just find something you like to do and get him off your mind till you find out whats going on.I`m sure he`ll call when he's ready.
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My bf of 5 years would say he'd call me on several occasions. Always got the same response..."fell asleep"...Geez all day???
Come on who sleeps all day anyways. And he'd never invite me out anywhere when it concerned his friends. He told me....."I don't fit in"...THAT HURT!!!
Valentines day he said he was coming to see me...never showed up. That is suppose to be the most important day of the year to celabrate a relationship. I waited ALL day!!! NOTHING!!!! He decided to go and get his ass drunk again instead!!!
Time to "DUMP" the bastard and move on. All the lies he told me!!! Mind games!!! That is just mental and emotional ABUSE!!!!
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Mine tells me that he is busy. Texting is fine.. No calling.. Doesnt visit me either.. Meet up only because I ask him to. Or unless it's been over a month
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My friend had the same prob, I suggest you put your foot down, whether he's in to you or not; he's taking advantage of you. What's the point of being with him if he don't want to even see you???
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Just because he isn't calling you, doesn't mean he's not into you. Some people do not like talking on the phone.  I know everyone in here has the right to their opinion, but we are only making assumptions.  If you know he loves you, then go with your intuition.  I do not like talking on the phone and my boyfriend and I are fine with very little contact. We call if we need to say something and we keep it brief. I have a job at a call center. I do not want to be on the phone all day.  Anything he and I have to say, can be said in person.  We may have to wait weeks sometimes to do that, but we have the trust and the love for each other.  Love is patience, and its unconditional. So when we assume he's cheating, or not into us, or that we should dump him just because he hates talking on the phone, that is love based on conditions, so we don't truly love that person if we expect or demand that they call us within a reasonable amount of time.  A relationship won't work that way.  But this is something that you have to feel comfortable and confident enough in your relationship, to be able to agree to rarely calling one another.
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I can't answer his but i can tell you, go on a weekend away or something...somewhere where its just you and him =)
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I'll call him and if theres no answer I'll feel disappointed and also everytime I try to stop calling him it doesn't work I just can't stand the fact he knows what hes doing and he's hurting me and I know what I'm doing to my self if I call I'm just getting hurt even more and if I don't call I'll fill guilty
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Well if  you love him then maybe talk to him an let him know how you really feel an even offer some new things to do make plans let him know your important as well an it takes 2 to make a relationship work I hope this is help full good luck
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Me and my boyfriend been together for almost 3yrs and in the beginning we had so much to talk about now hardly have anything to talk about it makes me think if hes getting tired of me.I mean ive asked him if he was getting tired he says no ive asked him how was his day at work or has he been eating okay.Also he tells he loves me I feel like theres something wrong with me or something even at work I'm the same with my fellow co workers and I feel like an outcast most of the time.
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I think that hes probably really shy.....or that he may be planning to break up with you....but you need to go to his house ask him some questions about that....
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I broke up with him but now want him back, but my bf doesn't want to talk to me anymore..what should I do?
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Well I don't know my boyfriend doesnt talk to me but we call eacother and hug sometimes
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Well there can be two answers to this question.
1 he got paid to date...
2 he's cheating on you with ME! Ha ha ha ha ha

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