My friend told my dad that i sent like pictures like almost nude pictures to my boyfriend and i did but she told my dad and he hasnt talked to me sens what do i do?


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1. Probably not a very good friend if she ratted you out
2. Learn from this and don't do something like this again and if you do it should be between you and your boyfriend only.
3. Why would you want to do this?  I know it seems fun and exciting and you probably think it will make your boyfriend like you more but have you considered that if you guys break up he will still have these and if he is mad what he could do with them, what if he has shown his friends?  What if his parents saw them?  If your dad is that upset just think of how your parents would feel if they saw the pictures.  What if they decide they wan't you to stop seeing him now?
4. (This should be #1 but you sound way too young to be doing this type of thing)  Don't be in such a hurry to grow up sweetie!
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Don't talk to that "friend" anymore because that was none of her business. And as long as you have apologized to your dad there is nothing you can do,but wait until he gets over it. Just know he loves you hes just probably surprised and alittle hurt.
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Beg for his forgiveness tell him you'll do anything!
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But i am scared if i bring it up my dad is just going to get even more mad
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And also he is going to make me brake up with my boyfriend and i dont wont to then if try going out behind my dad back then my friend going to tell my dad
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Like you probably shouldn't say like so like much

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