Would you send a naked picture to a guy if he asked you too? What should you do if he's pressuring you?>


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#1 you'll picture will end up in any pornsite you will never find, so don't do it
#2 sending the picture will ruin your life, your future and your background
#3 don't trust anyone, no matter how good you know or trust that person. You'll end up fighting or breaking up ,and that's how your picture will get famous
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Arthur Wright answered
Nope not at all especially if this guy isn't even a BF as theres no telling what he would do with the pictures once he got them. There are many sexual predators and weirdos online who will pay good money for photos o nude people so don't do it and dump this guy whoever he is, now! Notify the local authorities is hes pressuring you too much as this is illegal and can land him in a lot of hot water so do what you must to get rid of him
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Jasmin Chavez
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And now he sent me a pic of his u know what and now he wants a pic back which i didnt even make any deal or whatever with him....can u believe that? But i already stopped textn him.
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Angela Rocheta answered
If a guy was pressuring me to send a picture to him, I WOULDN'T DO IT! I am not sure, but I would stop contacting this person, what's so ever. You honestly don't have to send him a picture, especially if you feel it's not right. If he still carrys this on (which could be serious) then talk to your parents about this, if not go to you GP (doctor) for some advice.
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I would not. He can use tht as black mail. Or worse if he is younger then you you can get in trble with the authorities. If he is older then you he may find the knowledge to selll the pics of you to ppl. If he is pressuring you don't text him back
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Funny because my 13 years old is going through this with her girlfriend & some boy! DUHH - normally if you even have to ask then the answer is NO! If you? Anything then the answer is NO but to this particular situation be a lady & respect yourself! Once in cyberspace always in cyberspace! Just remember that because it can ALWAYS be dug up from your past & who knows who you'll be oneday, be married to, or give brith to & this can haunt you forever!
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Jasmin Chavez
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Oh my gosh thats true! And i did say no! We use to hang out too thats the wierd part idk why he all of a sudden wanted a pic? He probably wanted to do something with the pic.... :/
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Say no. They shouldn't violate your privacy like that. Someone who wants you to expose yourself unwillingly is not really your friend.
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Bella Monti answered
Never. Even if he was your boyfriend, I still wouldn't do it! Its actually illegal to 'sext'. Who knows, he could send it to all his mates or put it on Facebook or a porn site. It's not good. Please don't do it, just ignore his texts from now on. :3
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emma johnson answered
I don't see anything wrong with it if you trust him with your life
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Jasmin Chavez
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Thats the thing... I dont trust him and he already sent me a picture of his you know what and now he expects me to send him one back??!
What should i do?
Awesome  Autumn
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Um, you should NEVER send a nude, so..
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I've done that before to several guys and I got in trouble fro it with my parents... Dad's a cop so I got some heat... But I wouldn't if I were you... They keep asking for more after that

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