Does A Guy Like You If He Wants Naked Pics Of You?


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I dont think so..he might just be interested in getting in your pants.
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Not always. He probably likes you on a physical level guaranteed. Whether or not he likes your mind/personality is not directly connected to merely wanting to see naked pictures.
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kyle whyte
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Girls my age or 2yrs older me . Not a 20 yrs old . Right now I'm 16 I'll be 17 in January
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Nope, he try to see  what you are ready to do for him, believe me no boy deserve the attention you gave to this one, because If he really likes you then he will not ask you to do something like that for him, actually he just try to get in your pants like Loveisasin said, what he probably wants from you is just one night stand you know nothing that will involve emotion or feelings or love, you know try to think what he gone do  with those pictures If you gave them to him, perhaps showing to all his friends and everybody at your school, what would they think about you after that. You know it's just too naive to do something like that because at the end you will end up with broken heart and he will be happy because he used you, because of you feelings about him  you are an easy target for him, so  just leave him that's my advice.
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If he liked you he would ask you out and court you/date you and treat you like you should be treated as a young lady and not just a piece of meat/pictures/images/pornographic.sounds like some kind of weasley little boy asking for pictures.also sounds like he needs to grow up act like a stand up young man and do what is right. Meet the parents even if it is just for a date so your parents can tell if he is a slime ball or worthy of you and your time.and if he has not done this then his parents must not of instilled in him the character/morals of how to treat others especially when dealing with dating.
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No... He's a pervertive person and he has no respect for females. That right shows you the type of person he is. If he's trying impress the ladies that way that's a shame and have no swagger at all. I've been impressing girls since I was. 5yrs old and lose my virginity at 6yrs old. Trust me he's a perv

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No, probably not. They just want some rude things done... Never give them pictures like that or information of you..they might turn out to be burglars or something. And they want to rape as much girls as possible. Hope this helps.

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