What are some good tips when taking nude photos of yourself?


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I suggest going to any fabric store or walmart or wherever and getting a simple few yards of soft black fabric. You'll get it for around $10 or so. Set up some soft lights in a room you can comfortably move around and pose in. Make certain you have cleared all other obstacles or distractions from the photo.. 'setting the scene'. If using the bed for instance tack the fabric to the wall and let it drape down onto the bed. Using a tripod and self timer grab some extra props.. A hat, a feather boa, a scarf, sunglasses.. Whatever if you'd like. And shoot away. Take lots of pics in various poses and choose the ones you like best. You can add fresh scattered roses on the bed for a nice effect.

If you have a close trusted girlfriend or sister it wouldn't be a bad idea to have someone else take the photos. I take them for friends but they always have a drink of wine or something to help them relax.

You can also use the bathroom.. Take the mirror using the fabric and soft lights. Tack the fabric to the bathroom ceiling behind the mirror place the soft lights at different spots and start shooting. And you can do the same with a full length mirror. Don't be afraid to wet the mirror at the end for a few different looking shots. And you can shoot yourself in a full bubble bath.. Posing in the tub with some lite candles. I do NOT bring the camera into the bathroom until the bathroom is vented well and no steam is apparent. Again a close friend or sister would come in handy here.

And as previously said.. I wouldn't give someone fully nude photos until your relationship is official. Best of luck..
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First have a camera that has a timer or remote if you are doing them yourself or have a friend help you out.  Try going to a beach, in the woods or someplace outside which would really turn him on! You will have natural lighting and some great backgrounds. Lay down in the sand and get all sandy, relax in the grass, lean up against a tree and just try some stuff that you like to do or places to go!  Do forget to take some props with you like beachballs, stuffed animals, small towels and different things that are small but can also tease a little!
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Be as discreet as possible.  Don't show a lot, but suggest everything.
Look around and find pictures that you think are attractive. My understanding is that there are at least a few sites on the internet that have nude photos, look around until you are ready to break the engagement or find a pose that you like.

Do remember that once you send something like that you will never be able to control where else it goes. Tell him you'll make the pictures a wedding present, otherwise you might be starring on some web site you wouldn't want to be associated with.
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A good, not so "invasive" shot is to lay on your stomach on the couch with on knee on the floor and the other leg on the couch with your foot pointing in the air in a playful way...I saw it in a playboy and tried it myself and it came out very sexy and classy.
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Take your clothes off, stand in the position that parts of your body such as arms, and a slight angle where it covers parts you don't want him to see, or just go full monty, and aim the camera and click I guess :L x maybe try.. Lying on a bed, against a wall, just have a look around and think of some good ideas, only if you trust him though :)
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You can start with your camera!
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Watch BF and when your sex level reaches an upper limit.. Then take self photos using self timer by showing your all the bucks..
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Don't send him pictures get naked for him in real life. If you send him a picture then something happens and yall break up he will show everyone trust me.
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Just don't have anyone else take them, good idea, no toys, and make sure there is a mirror. No cl!t shots or anything that he can use against you. Such as *[email protected]# AND !$#%@$%^ AND $#^$%$... Ok? Got it cleared? Just make sure he keeps them.

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