Why Would My Aunt Do This?


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I don't have a clue and I'm wondering if she has a clue as she does not respond to your question,but that is something to think about,no harm intended but all adults don't seem to have a full truck load of bricks,we all can go back and find something and wonder about it...good luck
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You are still among us so why not try therapy and you don't even have to tell anyone you are going to therapy,hope you find yourself...good luck
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It sounds like you were living out ( her  ) fantasy "  not yours " and that was truly unfair to you , and is a form of abuse .
I am so sorry she was so mentally off balance and please know it wasn't your fault at all . Put this blame where it belongs , on her .

Great luck to you

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Because of her, i often find myself wondering if maybe i was meant to be a girl. Even today, at the age of 22, i have been told (especially by my own peers, that i am too pretty to be a boy. I wonder if maybe their right, and then i ask myself if I'd be happier if...if i were to openly accept myself as a female. The answer scares me, for the emotions are all twisted and confusing. What should i do?
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Don't think that you are at fault with this. It was her that did this to you, and it was for one of two reasons, she wanted a girl, or she was jealous that your mom had a boy, and was trying to make a mockery of your mother. I think you might want to talk to he about this again, but do it in a manner that she doesn't feel threatened by you asking. Hope this helps, good luck to you.
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Maybe she wanted a girl? Try asking again
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Why would she want me to be a girl, she already had two nieces she was looking after, and she never did the same to my brother...why only me?
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If that is true, maybe she wanted you to be a girl.  Maybe she longed for a girl & was wishing you were a girl.  But that is wrong to dress you up & send you to school dressed up as a girl when you are a boy.  I find that to be a bit strange.  If she wont answer you why she did that in the first place, sounds like she has some serious mental issues.  I would question her mental capabilitity, & hope she isnt watching any other kids these days til you are sure of her mental capability.
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Do you have any pictures?
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Now come on toast, you gotta think about this, how would you like it if your mother did this to you? I don't think you would, please be a little nicer to people.
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maybe your aunt was nuts was times that hard that she could not buy
boy clothes for you she really owes you an answer i hope that did not
mess with mind know that you are older
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Same as the role of a parent...to steer you in the role she thought best although it may not have taken in your interests, feelings, etc.. At the time.

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