My aunt treats me like a baby. Like at night she will give me a pacifier and a bottle, push me around in a storller, wear diapers, ect. I cry when she does this stuff to me. What can I do to make her stop?


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Sylver Fox answered
I bet your aunt doesn't have babies of her own and that she'd like to have one. Apparently, she has some kind of problem. First if all, stop crying. Tell your parents what she does and that it freaks you out. I don't know what else to say.
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rosa baez answered
Tell your mom or dad.  She shouldnt be doing this to you.  You know its wrong thats why you cry.  She is sick or perverted.  Please tell parents or other trusted adult or even a friend.
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catherine adams answered
Hi Ellie, you got a thing about diapers and bottle sucking.... And well if not,why does your aunt play around with this and do you cry out of laughter, or cry because you are too old now, to be treated like this, so tell your aunt no more diapers, and ask her if she'd like a try of them at her age. Well no probably, so, what age are this deal game?
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Ellie, What is happening to your twins that you say you had at 16 years old  when your aunt is carrying on like this? Are they being pushed along in a stroller too at the same time. ? Perhaps it is a three baby stroller yes?

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