Does Anyone Else Wear Diapers?


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I wear diapers because it's safe and that I love the feeling of peeing without anybody knowing it. I do it by period, but each time it's always more and more.... Now it's 24/7 and I really really enjoy it....I'm 42 I have my own business and being able to pee when I want and where I want  it's such a pleasure I feel so so good about it....
What about you ... Is there any one who would like to comment, so I know if I'm the only one in my category.
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I am 72 and I wear diapers mostly at night. Do to diabetes I peed in the bet twice when I was 60. On the second time my wife requested that I wear a diaper at night. I found out quickly that the regular drug store diaper were very poor. I now wear Bambinos and Northshore. I can sleep six hours waking up with full wet diaper/ I am "Warm, Wet and Secure". Many morning I will go to breakfast in my diaper. At first my wife rated her eye brow, but when she realize that I like being wet, warm and secure she approves and often when I go go the bathroom to get out of my diaper she will tell me it's OK to put on a fresh diaper. The is truly a wonderful wife.
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My husband wears a nappy and plastic pants,I make him! He is a real baby. If he is a good boy and does as he is told he is allowed to wear white cotton panties to work, if not its his nappy and plastic panties I don't allow him his trousers while in the house, he wears only his nappy and a short teeshirt. This humiliates him when my friends drop round and he does his best to hide away, I usually find him and bring him to say hello as they take turns to pat his padded bottom.
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I wear diapers 24/7, I LOVE diapers (DL)
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I have to were diapers because my mam hates me and shes so mean once she made me pee myself and stay like that for the day
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I only have to because I'm a bed wetter.. I'm 14 and wet the bed almost every night.. I have a weak bladder. But l only wear them on long car rides, and at night. Thats the only times period. I couldn't wear them all the time. I already have a diaper rash, because of wearing them at night..
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I wana wear them but I havent tried yet
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My friend wears diapers too. Please someone tell me what is the cause of this I really want to know so I can be there for my friend. I want to know all the details I don't want my friend to feel I think of him as some different person. Is diaper wearing cause of having 1 kidney? Or kidney stones? Please someone tell me I've been trying to search it up the internet but I'm still confused.
Nothing; don't matter if they do, if your friend needs too wear a diaper; well true friends it don't matter if they have medical needs; your still friend right?
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When I was young I was a bedwetter, but mom would not diaper me,  On the weekends I would spent over a friends of mine who also was a bedwetter and his mom diapered him at nigth and on the nights I spend there she would diaper me too it felt so nice to wake up with just a wet diaper and dry PJs and bed.
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Why does your friend wear diapers? Is it because s/he has an incontinence problem or is it a fetish? Either way, I don't see that you should do anything. It's up to your friend what s/he wears.
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Wearing diapers and pullups are fun. It's relaxing for me to fill a Goodnite up with warm tinkles, then push a firm load of poopoo. I will then wear it for a while before cleaning up in a bath. Anyone else like to use their diapers for both pee and poo ?

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Adult diapers or incontinence pads give the best solution to many people. There are some reasons to wear diapers.

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  2. When individuals who do not have any control over their continence.
  3. By those who are mentally ill.
  4. People who are suffering from injuries, and cannot move from their places.
  5. Old age people those who are ill.
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