Should I Make My Husband Wear Diapers?


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There are some men who need a vacation from being the "man" and turn over to his wife any control he has or thinks he has in life. A good wife knows this in her heart and should act as she sees fit. A good husband will with out reservation accept his fate.

In my case I had the occasional accident in bed due to Diabetes and three disks in my back being compressed. We agreed that I should wear a protective garment at night. Very soon we realized that disposables can only be re-used about three times if I didn't have an accident. Long story short my wife sewed me some cloth diapers - nice a bulky ones. I found plastic pants on the net - blue and yellow.

Over time I came to enjoy wearing a diaper at night and did not have a good night sleeping if I wasn't wearing a one. When I wet them I became apologetic etc. My wife put this together and we had a talk about the times I remembered when I was put back into a diaper, how I felt wetting them either by accident or on purpose.

We have some rules.

1. I will wear a diaper and plastic pants every night in bed.
2. My wife can tell me to get diapered any time I come home from work.
3. She has the right to tell me that the bathroom is off limits. That can be just for peeing or it cam be off limits for both peeing and pooping.
4. She determines wether she will change me or I must change myself.
5. I will wear only a T-Shirt with my diaper.

Bottom line I am diapered 24/7 when I am home. If we go shopping I will change into a deposable and plastic pants. In general the bathroom is off limits for peeing when I began wearing my diapers. Now about 90% of the time my wife tells me the bathroom is off limits for both.

Last week end I was told to wear double cloth diapers which make me waddle. Well she invited her two best girl friends for morning coffee and donuts - guess who was ordered to serve the coffee and donuts in diapers?  After the shock and embarrassment, I wet my diaper. My wife convinced one of her friends to change my diaper - I was a red beet. Being changed by Amy and Amanda is now routine. The girls are working on their boyfriends to accept their future fate!

I accept my fate - my wife and I have wonderful sex, but when we aren't having sex I'm diapered at her whim.
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If it turns you on and he is agreeable, can't see why not, you never know he may very well enjoy it.Go on give it a go :))
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Why not if he wets the bed
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Only if he's drunk and wets himself.
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Give him wisper , heard that it has wings , it will make him your little angel , any way good luck
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Yes if he,s never learnt to control his bladder.    Or if he has become incontinent.
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The truth be known, women would probably be far better off if they were to keep the male members of their families in diapers.  There is no doubt amongst the women that do, that males are better behaved and obedient when diapered.  A man or boy will find it very difficult to disobey or fail to carry out his assigned duties when in need of a diaper change.  Most males when put in diapers will quickly accept their fate and actually find that they prefer to be kept in diapers and treated like the emotional infants that they truly are.

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