Do Girls Wear Diapers?


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How many guys would date a girl in a diaper specially if she wet them ? Would you help her change her diapers if she wet them ? Would you sneak her a laxative so she messes her diapers?
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Yes many teen girls do.they wear them for holidays,special occasions,etc.they are mainly worn under dresses to make the girls feel cute and babyish for the event.some parents require their teen daughters to wear a cloth diaper and plastic pants when they go out on dates to prevent them from having sex with the boy.
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All catholic girls have to wear a nappy and plastic panties under their confirmation dress. I was no exception and on my baptism day my mom came  into my room with a cloth nappy (made specially for the day) and a pair of white transparent plastic panties. She folded it and laid it on my bed, I was told to undress and lay on the nappy, she applied Vaseline to my private bits  then pinned the nappy firmly in place. I lifted my bottom as she pulled the plastic panties up my legs and over the  snug  fitting nappy making sure it was all tucked in at the edges. I was put into my dress and shoes and told to get used to walking as the nappy was thick between my legs.  In church I went with the  other teens who were being confirmed (3boys and another girl) to a back room to wait, I asked the other girl if she was nap-pied, she blushed and said she was and asked if I thought the boys were too. I did not know so we plucked up courage and asked them, they said they were not but then got curious and asked us to lift our dresses. We would not but they said our nappies would show through our dresses anyway after we were confirmed. We were confirmed, both of us were told we were not allowed to remove our nappies and panties after the ceremomy we were put into dry dresses for the afternoon celebrations. My dress was short above my knees and I was embarrassed each time I moved as the plastic panties rustled. My parents told me the nappying is a sign of purrity for girls. But being a fifteen year old I felt more like a fifteen month old as the boys came round me to touch my nap-pied bottom and tease me.
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Does that mean they were wet by the end of the service?
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re: All catholic girls have to wear a nappy and plastic panties under their confirmation dress.........that is Not true no child/ teenager is required to wear such apparel for first communion
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If a girl have to wear diapers, then she had a medical problem.
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I wear diapers and use them for both pee and poo. Its nice to be able to potty when and wherever I want. Diapers feel really comfy when full. Anyone else like going potty in diapers?

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I wouldn't mind being with a woman who wore and wet nappies.

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Lol those parents who force thier daughters to wear diapers to prevent them ffrom having sex are idiots I mean if they did something you could use it as some kind of punishment but no to prevent something to happen
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I think perhaps you are getting mixed up with a sanitary towel as they can be big thick and white.

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