How To Stop A 3 Yr Old Girl From Wearing Diapers?


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Well I have a 3 year old daughter and to stop her from wearing diapers I start putting panties on her and she didnt like the fact that she would be wet so she start going to the bathroom.
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Take it slow. If she's still in diapers when she's five, then start to worry. But until she's ready to transition, there's no reason to force the issue.
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I agree with Niya.....a lot of my friends with older children found that girls don't like to be wet or dirty in their diaper/underwear. So if you put her in underwear during the day and she gets wet, make her stay in it for just a short bit and she won't like it so she will learn to go to a potty. Also, try doing a star chart. Make it fun so that every time she goes potty on her toilet, she gets a star and when she gets enough stars she gets something special, like a movie night or an ice cream sundae. They do have the pull ups that are like big kid underwear and the night time "diapers" for toddlers. You probably won't want to make her sleep without a diaper at night if you want to avoid bed wetting, but she should be able to use diapers 24/7 sooner than you know it once she gets used to it during the day.
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When a child wore the old cloth diapers they could feel the wetness and soiling on their bottoms and it wasn't comfortable, hence they potty trained easier. The new "pampers" have a lining to keep the wetness etc away from their skin. Try cloth diapers. To potty train, here's what I did and it took 2 days: Starting first thing in the morning put your child on the potty every 20 minutes for the entire day. I used a timer. It took 2 days and he had changed over to using the toilet.
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You are the parent. Tell her no more diapers. You then explain that she is now old enough to be a "big girl". Make it sound exciting. You then tell her that she gets to pick out her special "big girl" underwear and buy the ones she picks! You need to take her to the bathroom every hour and also have her go when you and other family members go. Gradually increase the time (15-30 minute intervals) and praise her each time she goes potty in the correct place. Clapping your hands and cheering for her is all she'll need and "I'm so proud of you!".
Do not use pull ups! They are a diaper! When the urine runs down her leg, she will not like that! You have to be willing to let accidents happen. Thats the only way to learn.
I did this with all of my kids and they were potty trained in 3 months or less! Be patient, get excited every time, and NO DIAPERS OR PULL UPS!!
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I feel for you! I though nothing was working for my daughter!  I tried the silly charts! I was all praises for her when she did try!  I tried songs, etc....
One day I said to her pediatrician "I give up!" The dr. Said, she'll do it on her own time & you know what??? The next week my daughter said to me, "mommy I want to try my big girl underwear today!" & that was it! She's been in big girl underwear (dora, little mermaid, etc....) for almost a year now!  (I think the thing that did it for her was all the animated characters she likes were on the underwear I bought her!
Good luck!
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Start rewarding and bribing her
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When children wore the old cloth diapers they could feel the wetness and soiling. With the throw-away diapers nowadays they have a protective lining shielding the child from the wet/soiling. You could change to cloth diapers and see if that does it. If not, this will work if you can find the time: Start first thing in the morning with putting your child on the potty every 20 minutes for the entire day. I used a timer. I had success within 2 days with this method.
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There's a lot to be said about cloth diapers and toilet training. I used old-fashioned cloth diapers with diaper pins and rubber pants on my kids when they were babies, and when night-time training came along I continued with the same old-fashioned diapers.

Babies and children recognize the feeling of being wet and dirty when wearing cloth diapers, but the feeling of being wet is lost when stay dry disposable diapers are used. Cloth diapers also take longer to put on than disposables do--- and to a child that means inconvenience.

So even if it is only for night-time purposes, I make every attempt to persuade a mother of a bed-wetter or late trainer to switch over to cloth diapers. And the thing to remember about cloth diapers is--- old-fashioned is better.

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You have to be strict with her and also advise her. Every elder person in your home should advise her the drawbacks of using diaper in this age.

Make her realize by giving examples of other children. Give her some faulty diapers and persuade her that this thing is no more useful for her.

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