What Do You Think Of A Husband That Cheated Before?


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Jumping to conclusions can be dangerous ground because he will always say you are holding the past against him. It could be work or any number of things. I can see how you would be suspicious it does seem like the kind of thing that would make a person wonder. The direct approach would be hard.. Since it would bring up the past .. And to try to sneak and find out by looking at the cell phone bill or sneaking around in his messages would be dishonest and might lead to other problems... And of course you cant do nothing because it will drive you nuts wondering.. Wait for it to happen again when you are around.. And if he ignores the ring.. Comment.. Why don't you answer that.. You always seem to ignore that ring.. Or something to that affect.. Judge by his reaction.
tough One.. LOL I think I would probably snoop.. But that really would be bad advice.
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To mouse i did ask he told me he won`t answer private calls, to karbum i snooped and this is why i know he answers this calls every time. i wish i could find out who`s calling him.Thanks to both for the great answers
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I would snoop! Sorry, but I would! If he has messed around before, he can expect no mercy if he starts acting suspiciously. I would try to 'lose' his phone while he's in the bathroom - switch it to silent and hide it in your kitchen cleaning cupboard with the bleach etc he'll never look there. Then when he's gone out, take it out and check through the numbers. No, that really is bad advice, but that is what I'd do. What you really SHOULD do is just say to him that you have noticed him behaving oddly around certain phone calls and it is making you feel insecure and unhappy. See what he says. If he's having an affair he will lie anyway, but you might be able to tell when he's lying.
What you have to think about is this - do you really want to stay with someone you can't trust? You will never be able to rebuild the trust you lost in him the first time around - never mind what people say about time healing etc. Time only heals if the cheater doesn't ever do it again and makes a big effort to help you feel secure. Someone who takes secret phone calls is NOT helping you to feel secure.
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LOL Snooping is bad advice.. But 9 out of 10 of us would do it anyway ;) but you are very right about the other..since he did cheat before He should go out of his way to make her feel secure. You get a wow for honesty
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I am very sorry to say but once a cheater always a cheater,trust our gut instinct it is usually right.I would kick him to the curb now!!!!!The loner you wait the worse it is going to be.I wish you the best.
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If he's behaving oddly and not taking certain calls in front of you- confront him. If you don't like his answer, if you don't trust his answer- then you have YOUR answer. Go with your gut as rossignol says.
Life is too short to be miserable.
Good Luck.
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Here is the think is getting anonymous calls on his cell almost everyday and he added a different ringtone for this call all the other calls are the same tone. He always seems to answer this call when not with me , it doesn't happen often he receives this calls when is with me but when it happened he din`t answered . He told me he won`t answer calls with no ID. I don`t know what to make of all this is my mind play tricks on me consider he was dishonest in the past or his hiding something from me . Thanks in advance for any info
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I made a mistake i answered my own question i wanted to edit instead
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I think that if a person has changed once, he will change the second one and should not be trusted initially. I forgave my wife in the past, she cheated on me for a long time. But less than half a year she found a new lover. I only found out about this when I ordered a private detective agency https://infidelityprivateinvestigators.com.au/contact/private-investigators-adelaide/  that my friend advised. Yes, it turned out that my horns grow at the speed of sound, as if my ex was sick. I don’t trust the cheaters.

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My phelosopy is: Once a cheater always a cheater. If he has alreadty sheated, he will be sure to do it again, it will become easier and easier for him to cheat and get what he wants by lying and whatever else makes it possible for him to cheat.

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