Do You Think Before You Do Something?


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I wish I say that I ALWAYS think BEFORE I do something.....but, unfortunately, I can't.  I think there'd be a lot less "mistakes" made if we did think before we acted or said something.  I always heard you can't un-throw a rock after it's thrown.  Reading this question and taking the time to answer it will now be a fresh reminder to think before I say or do something that I may regret later.  Thanks, Janes
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terry rossignol answered
Yes I usually do think everything out before I do it!!
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Lynne Dwyer answered
I try to always. Doesn't always work, then I really think about it.
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Omer Butt answered
Oh everyone around me gets irritates cause of that habit of mine.
I think toomuch before doing anything. Last time I had to decide whether I should go to Shopping before Ramadan(Fasting Month-You know it right?) and It took me three days to decide. You know its difficult to go shopping during Ramadan when temperature here is 122+ with extreme heat but then More latest fashion clothes are available near EID. Phew!!!! That was a long hectic decision which a most people could do in just an hour-LOL
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I think more about what I'm doing after I've already done it. Like a delayed reaction. And then everything that should have come to mind before the act flows my head.
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Brian Reed answered
I always weigh all of the outcomes of my actions before engaging in them. I try not to be impulsive for thats gotten me in troubles in the past. We learn from our mistakes hopefully!
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Cindy Thompson answered
With age I think I do think before doing something before doing it. Once in awhile if I'm tired I say something or react the wrong way.
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Now that I am older and more mature, I do try to think things through before acting.  Now when I was younger, I could not say that, as quite often kids and teens are more impulsive.  Now my biggest impulse is shopping.
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Steven Vakula answered
To act with out thinking of the reaction is to ask for trouble! Every action has a reaction so to act with this analysis is to get what may or may not be coming to you!
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Chris ???? answered
I do in fact. I assess the consequences just as I assess the possible achievements that can be attained by the action pondered. I fear failure at times so I see it as necessary to dwell on what may occur.
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Brandi lol
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boo, you're so negative. think of the good things instead
Chris ????
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I really try to view every outcome in a positive way. I just cogitate on all possible outcomes
Brandi lol
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thank you chris. that's really beautiful.
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Mary Bergeron answered
I try to think before doing everything. Sometimes I get myself in to trouble with buying but that's about it
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RUTHIE answered
Yes, I do.  I had it drilled into my head when I was a kid that there were consequences for every action and word and to think about what could happen if I did something or said something.  I still have that "voice" go off in my head when I say or do anything....More people today need that "voice".
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I try to always think before hand but sometimes you get so busy and do things in a hurry. I try to teach my children to always think of the consequences before doing something it could save them from getting into trouble but you know kids they don't always listen either.
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Rachele Grover answered
I am what you call a procasinator.  I think way to much and when it does come down to do something it is usually to late and I either don't do it or I do and suffer the consequences.  Especially when somebody puts me on the spot and I really hate that.
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Same goes for me...hate to think of the times I've let things go past me because I was over thinking them!!
Adriana ortega Adriana love bunny
I always tell my head and stop saying bad words, then I get in trouble at school for no good reason
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I definitely look before I leap!  I have had too many disasters in my life to not be very circumspect.  Sometimes it is fun to be impulsive.  I would hate it if I was so rigid that I would never try something new.  But if I have to err on one side it would be to think too much before doing something.
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Ree Ree answered
Sometimes I could kick myself for not thinking before I act..I'm working on it though....
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Penny Kay answered
I am an impulsive person by nature, but i have learned to curb that, as i grow older.
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I think if i will do bad thing i get scared a little bit and if i will do something normal i will still think about it all the time i think the human is reli curious always
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Most times I suppose we all do,but there are times when you have to go with what comes up and is there at the the time,(the thought that is)a long drawn out thought out thought is not always best,there are times we have to go with the flow and hope for the best outcome. 
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Yes, I think before i do something, I think 3/4 times that is it right for me or for my future, and we should think.
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No i dont think before hand,  I do everything on impulse through to communication with someone i muffle some words and i cant even speak properly,through to acting out with consequence's. Not thinking before you do something lands u in serious trouble guys,especially when ya put on the spot the worse outcome, ive learned through experience. Intelligence is in us all and i have to work on this everyday to succeed in life.
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Yes of course one must have to think before going to start a new think or take suggestion from elders or seniors of related field that what r the advantages n dis advantages of that ,,

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