How Do You Know If You're In Love?


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I think you know when you are in love when....
you see the person you think you love and your heart starts beating quicker and quicker!!
When you just can't help but smile around that special person...
And when you just want that person to hold you and kiss you...
When you want to be around that person every waking moment of the day...
When you can't stop thinking about that special someone!!
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To tell you the probably shouldn't listen to me since I'm only 15. But I have special qualities.

But love is something you can't really figure out...or realize...You just feel it.

And when you feel it, you know it's love. Because love, to me, is whenever somebody is constantly on your mind, and you don't really want to get them out. To me, it's whenever your phone rings, you want it to be that person. Love is whenever you feel comfortable doing stupid things with that person and not get embarrassed easily...

If you're not comfortable doing something stupid, you're not meant to be in love.

Love is whenever you can exchange feelings and not be scared about what the other will say. Love involves risks. True love, to me, doesn't.

The reason regular love does is thining about how to say "I love you", because that's always a worry and you're worried because of what they will say or respond with.

But True Love is when you KNOW you can say it without hesitation or even thinking about it.

This is upto you. It all depends on how you feel.

You can talk to me if you need more help or whatever I can help you with.
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rafa gammad
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Letting your someone know how you feel is not that easy,you feel embarrass when your near to that person.
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I am 15 also, and I am very wise. I have been more mature then most my age for the longest time, my mom says that I never got a real childhood cause I got hit with reality too fast. She is proud of my intellagence though, sometimes she feels she could have protected me from it,
Kk polly
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I'm 15 too, but I don't feel very mature. I think young love is wonderful and beautiful like in the movie "whisper of the heart" but all I have are petty crushes. If I can fall deeply in love with someone who loves me back and live happily ever after I'll give it a chance, but I don't plan on marrying because I'm against having birth.
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I heard an answer to this once, which I really liked.  Add up the total number of times you think about the other person, and add up the times you think about yourself.  If it is more them, and less you, then it is love.
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When they are the first thing you think of when you get up, and the last thing on your mind before bed... I really liked BillZbub's answer when you can think of them more than you think of yourself.
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You will just know. Your heart will tell you. It is like you're a robot programed to love someone. Love is something that can't be answered. You will just know. Your heart will beat faster when you see the one you love. You will want to be and never leave with him or her. You will say I love you with out even thinking, your heart will do all the talking and thinking. Just belive and trust in your heart. Hope you find that one special person!!!!
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When that persons happiness is essential to your own, when you can't stop thinking about that person, when you hear those three little words I love you and your heart drops to the pit of your stomach with butterfly's in it...when you want to spend every minute with that person making memories...when loving them is like breathing you do it without even thinking about it...and I can go on and on but I think you get the picture now.
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Love is when you get around the person and you can't speak. You look for that person wherever you go. You think of that person from the moment you wake up to the moment you go back to sleep and dream about them.
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I would say that the way you know that you are in love is when you feel really down like life is just boring and then when your heart races when they call you or when you see them. If they make you smile just with you just looking at them. I think love is awesome you know when you're really in love when you finish each others sentences and think the same thing and smile at that "personal joke" or when your heart beats matches theres. Hopefully this helped
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That's just how i feel. By looking at him just makes me smile.. And when he starts a conversation with me, he would suddenly smile and blushes just as he utters his first few words. Oh.. I think i'm in love. I wonder if he feels the same way too. And he would joke around with me knowing that i would laugh. He simply brightens my day and i look forward spending each day with him. I never felt this way before with anyone. I just feel that he's the one.
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You know there is a lot of sign that you are in love to a particular person but wwhat I have said is the common sign that your in love were always thinking about him/her
2.When you see him/her your heart beat so fast
3.You care for him
4.There is a desire that you felt for him/her
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Jack Bevan answered
When you think about that person all the time when you do ordinary things in a positive way
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You feel it and you feel excited , happy , wonderful , confused , lightheaded , there are so many different feelings mixed up together . Mostly a Great feeling

I hope this helps you Shela

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  The simple answer is, you just do! It's like no other feeling you have ever
  experienced. You can't stop thinking about the person; your heart skips
  a beat every time you see them. You don't care about anything else, and
  would do anything in the world for that person. You click on every level:
  Hobbies, personality, likes, dislikes. It's the most amazing feeling in
  the world! I don't believe there is such a thing as love at first sight.
  I think there is attraction at first sight but you truly have to know a
  person to fall in love with them. That is the difference between love and
  a crush. Chances are if you are infatuated with someone or have a crush
  on them you don't really know that person and the street is one way (you
  have feelings but they don't feel the same). True love is a two-way street
  -- the other person feels the same way about you as you feel about them.
Michelle New Zealand Profile
When the only thing you can ever think of is that other person.  Its feels like little butterflies that is flying around in your stomach when you see that person.  The only thing you want to do is to be with that person.  You do stupid things when you are around that person, that is when you know that you are in love
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When you can help thinking about that person, when ever your around the person your smiling inside and out, the person makes you happy, the person you want to do anything for them, you feel complete every time your together.

if you have all the above then most likely your in love.

good luck
hope this helps ^_^

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joan saviour answered
Symptoms are lack of concentration , day dreaming most of the times and you will search for his / her face in the herd
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Ask yourself these questions: Are you willing to give up your dreams for their dreams?              Would you do anything to keep them safe or healthy?                                                                  Are you attracted to their good heart and not their body parts?                                                      When they look in your eyes do you feel like the happiest person on planet earth or universe?  Do you hope they find happiness, even though it's not with you?                                                Are you going to love them, if they hurt themselves and looked different?                                      If you've answered yes to these questions it's true love.                                                              If you've said yes to 1 of these questions, it's love.
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Steven Vakula answered
There is no real answer since the emotion of love is not readily definable. Love is an emotion and emotions change. A person can love something and then change their mind. Someone can be loved and then not be loved. Love is sometimes learned and sometimes taught. Usually, especially when someone is younger they feel infatuation, which can be mistaken for love. There are also different forms of love there is a platonic love as well as a romantic love, there is also the love of God, if someone believes in a God. Love is sacrifice without thought of reward, such as a parent can have for a child. Love is not measurable nor does it keep track of itself. Love is not given as it is received. Love is endless and at the same time fleeting. Love is endless but love does end. Love is not tangible yet can be expressed through material gifts. Love is risk and risk and the faith that love will be returned. Love is without measure yet it is measured, counted and held accountable for its actions and inactions.
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When the person is the first thing you think of when you get up and the lat thing you think of before bed. When you can count how many times you thought of yourself and how many times you thought of them and you thought of them more.
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Jennifer answered
There's no true way to tell if your in love.  You just know if you are or not.  Being truly in love is very hard to explain in words.  Just trust your heart.
Arlene Fernandes Profile
Love is a glorious, wonderful, indescribable feeling that needs to be experienced in order to be understood. While there are a number of signs of falling in love, no one can tell you for certain that you are "in love". It is something that only you yourself can tell. You will know it when it happens to you.

A true relationship is one in which you feel good about yourself and look forward to seeing your partner and spending time with him/her. You're genuinely interested in what he/she thinks and can work through your problems. You've come to accept your partner for who he/she truly is along with his/her quirks.

Love is when you feel safe and stop comparing your companion to other people. Love is when you want the best for the other person, even if that would mean that you're not going to be a part of his/her life.
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Tianna Downey answered
When he/she's the first person you think of when you wake up in the morning and the last person you think of when you go to bed at night, when you think about him/her all day and want to see him/her so badly,he/she maybe the person you love.
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Johanna answered
No no no dude down there is wrong, you do know when your in love, its crystal clear, yes maybe in the beginning it's a little confusing and blurry but as time goes on, you just know. When there is nothing else you'd rather do but be with them, when you can't stop thinking of them. When even if your mad at them, you can't help but think what you can do to fix the situation, then baby girl. Your in love
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Kaycee Perkins answered
You will know when you are in love, because you will never stop thinking about him, you will get chills whenever you see or speak to him. You will want to do things with him you thought you would never want to do with anyone. You will get butterflies in your tummy and want to see and speak to him every moment of every day!!  Good luck!
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Dani Prosser answered
There really is no way to prove your "in love", but trust your heart. I mean for some people there are signs. Like you can't stop thinking about that person. You always want to be with that person. You always want to be able to see that person and when you do you smile and everything feels okay. You wake up thinking about that person and fall asleep thinking about that person. You love seeing his name on your phone and when you see it you get butterflies. There are a bunch of signs, but I stay ask your heart! [:
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marina lewis answered
Your heart beats faster ,you think of them all the time ,can't wait to see them and when you do your legs turn to jelly. Protecting them and trusting them are all good signs.
it is one one of those times when you know it is right.
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abbie stockdale answered
You just no really, if you are in love you tend to act all strange next to the one you love and try to impress them
April Victorine Profile
April Victorine answered
When you realize that you can spend the rest of your live with out them.....but you don't want when you put there feelings before your own, and it's when you lose them and your heart aches in an indescribable pain for eternity
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When you can't live without the person, and everytime you're around them you feel like  everything is as it should be, that's love.  At first, you will feel as if you're floating on cloud 9 when you're with this special someone......<3
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Anna Lewis answered
It's when ever you get around a certain person and your heart beats faster and faster everytime they get near you and if they just look in your direction and you feel your whole body get worm and you sometimes your face will turn red and you just can't wait to see that person again
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Steven Vakula answered
No one every really knows if they are in love they hope they are and that the other person feels the same about them. There is no guarantee with love and no givens that can either prove love exists or prove that it is absent. It is all based on faith!
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jackie smith answered
Oh believe me you will know you will have this strange feeling when your other half walks into the room you will have butterflies in your tummy and you will know if you wan to wake up every morning next to this person and if you want to spend the rest of your life with them believe me you will know when it happens
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Well my opinion is that you know when your in love when you can't stop thinking bout that person not even for a minute. When you see that person's name on your phone you start getting butterflies in your stomach. When you know your going to see that person soon you start getting really nervous n a lot of butterflies in your stomach. Well that's my opinion
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Maria Angela answered
when you see the person you think you love and your heart starts beating quicker and quicker!!
When you just can't help but smile around that special person...
And when you just want that person to hold you and kiss you...
When you want to be around that person every waking moment of the day...
When you can't stop thinking about that special someone!!by Anonymous
carol washington Profile
This is a time in your life when you question what love means. Its different to different people. Some people have physical reactions some change their behavior. When you feel the change in you, and find yourself and your life intwined with another person its love. A new mate , the birth of a child and ashoulder to cry on can all make you know love.
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hallie okk answered
You'll know when you truly love him, you won't shut up about him, you'll talk constantly to him,-----***-----ask God to help you out, pray!! 
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jenna loos answered
You'll know that your in love because whenever you think about that person you will get a feeling that you just don't want to leave their side. That you would do anything for them
Brittany Bigelow Profile
Well it all depends on who you are...  Everyone is different, I knew I was in Love when I found someone that made me feel untouchable... Like nothing or no one in this world could ever harm me.  I knew it was love when all I could dream about at night was our wedding day and I could see myself spending the rest of my life with him. (realistically dreaming of growing old with that one person and knowing that you would never want anyone else to take his place.)
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Well when your in love.... You will know it, believe me I fell in love with someone who came from new york to texas I believe it was fate..... He nd I have been together for a yr. Nd we are soooo in love!! The day I realized I was in love is when we spent all day talking about our up's nd down's nd how we made it to where we were that day nd I remember I was praying nd I started praying for him, nd I started crying cause I asked god for someone to come into my life nd I had realized he had did just that, there was this man who came from the whole other side of the u.s. Just so he would be here with me nd I just knew it I AM IN LOVE, I guess all I can say is that you will never be so sure of something in your whole entire life, you will just know believe me!! Nd you may love more than one person in your life, your heart has no limit as to who or what you love!!
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nabwire scarlet answered
Maybe you love him or maybe it's lust.
You should sit down with the boy and tell him how you feel and then the two of you can figure out how to make it work.
Since he says he loves you the two of you can start something and make it work. Good luck.
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ebonee woodland answered
To tell you true fact god a hint to tell that the one if path you find your dream man you will find him see here a way you will hear you heart and your will tell you because god telling you
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Noe Flores answered
You feel there the most important person in your life but the other person must feel the same way as you feel about them if they feel they love you in the first month there lying they like they don't love you once you've been together for about 6 months to a year and they say they love you then you'll know it's real.
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When your old enough to marry and know that you can truly spend the rest of your life with this person. Finding out your answer should at least take longer than 2hours if you say yes automatically while reading this then your truly not in love with this person
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you know when you are in love when you feel so HAPPY!

and you keep staring at the person you ...ya!
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Wood Terry answered
Well, when I was in love, I ofen want to talk to her and focus on what happen to her, certainly I can't help to joking her.
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CP. G. answered
Well , I experienced that. So I think it's kinda like these signs :

1. When a slow song starts to play you begin to think of him/her.
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Can you keep your self away for a while try not to see him or let him see you?then you will see how much he misses you and how much you do too? Your question make me remember my first days with the guy I loved but now he is my fiance,,if you'll be sure of your and his love don't give all your love once give your mind chance to manage your relation with love also,but don't leave all thing to your heart

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