How Do I Know If Someone Really Cares About Me And Loves Me For Being ME?


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Remember, the two people who created you will always love you for what you are; after all, you are a part of their flesh and blood, and are made up of them. They will always want the best for you and will help guide you through life.

After your parents, it is your siblings who will love you for what you are; you and your brothers and sisters have all shared the same womb, and share the same genes, and also share the same flesh and blood. The great thing with siblings is that you can argue, be horrible to each other one minute, and make up the next. Your siblings will always be in your life and always love you.

Your partner will love you for what you are; he or she will know you deeply, and will love all of your good and bad points.Children

Your children will also love you unflinchingly, and devotedly, after all, you are their guardian angel, no-one else will ever love them as you do!

Above all, the one and only person in the world who will truly love you for what you are is yourself! And unless you love yourself, or learn to love yourself, no one else will love you!

If you are asking how do I know if someone really cares about me?
The only way to tell is to be totally yourself, no barriers, you have to let people in, give them all of you, you should be able to wear no make up, burp, pass wind, cry and laugh with them. If you can do this with them and they don't run a mile...then they truly care about you.
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People will love you, but like me you just don't feel it.  You love them but you can't feel the love they have for you .  It's like me,  Ii love my ex but he say he cares and things but I just don't feel no love from him or anybody else.  But I am sure people do love you, you just don't feel it right now.....
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They never mention any flaws that you may show.
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What other people think of you is none of your business..Care for the people who care for you..Be with the people who really want to be with you..If you want to find out who those people actually are..then try this may sound weird but it might actually work

Put up a status on fb or any of your social media sites that you are sick !! You will know how many people actually care foe you.

Fred hamill is completely right too. I AGREE with him.

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Well maybe you should go out to a public restaurant and do something really embaressing and se if they still like you or just get a lie detector test.

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