How Can I Make Someone Fall In Love With Me?


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Is it impossible to make someone fall in love with you?

Some people believe that through casting love spells, using voodoo dolls and using love potions that there are ways to make people fall in love with you.  I do not know anyone who has tried this to be able to comment if it is effective at all.

However, a more tried and tested method is something that many people believe in called the 'laws of attraction', people also call it 'the secret'.  This is primarily used in business and basically works on the basis that we all have brain waves and that these are like radio waves, we emit them and other people pick up on them.  Many successful millionaires have attributed their success to employing this belief, and there is no way to prove them right or wrong!  This method therefore could also be used to attract the object of your affection.  It is possible to feel love from someone, even from pets for you, so who is to say that this is impossible.

No tricks
The risk with either of the above ways is that they are trial and error, and if the the person you love finds out that you are trying unorthodox methods to get them to fall in love with you, they might find that this is too strange for them, and you could lose the opportunity altogether.

What's best is to find out what their interests are, what their idea of a perfect partner would be, and see if this is a role you think you could fit into.  For example, many men say that they like a woman to be a combination of sexy, funny, and relaxed.  Women tend to like a man who will make her feel secure and loved and have a good sense of humour.

In reality, when you find the right person, they will love every part of you.  Even the things that you think are undesirable, that's when you know it is true love, when there are no masks, no tricks or spells, just you both being yourselves.
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From my point of view, I think that you must be yourself, nobody likes when a person lies about it's biography. When a person wants to make him/her love him the way of lying, all in all,that person finds out that you were not the one that he wanted, it is very cruel and unfair, it is better to be yourself then lying .... But I would like to have another suggestion, a person should be interesting in all aspects and should always be in center of chetting , I think, that would make him think about you ,about your way of chatting and the way of must feel that you are a very interesting one and make them feel that, you must be strong-willed and everythin' would be okay:) you should be funny, cheerfull, every person likes the sense of humour in humanity:) nobody likes very serious people ,I think, and you must be entertaining.:)
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You can't make anyone fall in love with you. You can manipulate someone into thinking that they love you. (When people do this they end up in relationships that were never meant to be.) You also have to be careful. We really do not get to know the person until a couple of years after we have begun to court them. This is why I bring up the manipulating thing. In the beginning we all are happy because we think we have found someone and we bringing out the best in ourselves so they can like us. But the key is make sure you love yourself first.
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I completely agree with this answer.
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that's What in looking for now thank u for telling me Wat to do bout my love problems!
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Love is a natural, rare feeling and therefore you could never make someone love you.
If you be yourself, respect others, be kind and smile the world will fall in love you!
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You can't make someone love you. You can't pressurize them into loving you. All you can do is be a nice person and let them decide if they want to love you or not.

Now some of the tips that could be handy would be that you try being nice to them, try to be friends with them, help them out, be there as a friend, let them have a chance to see what kind of a person you are which is going to happen with more interaction and conversations etc. You need to get to know the person more to find out if there is a common ground both of  you can share.

If you think this process is too long then there is an alternative wicked plan. You just be a bad boy/girl and put an act of being a person that is his/her dream guy/girl.
But they are going to dump you when they realize that you aren't the person you were pretending to be but then who knows. Maybe if they actually fall for you, they might just like the real you.

And please don't tell them that I gave you this last advice! Ha ha!

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If it were me I would spend time with the person, get to know them and maybe that person will grow to like you and over time you can take a shot at it.
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Unfortunately you can't make anyone feel that way. They have to make that decision of their own accord & many people have tried with money & more!
Of course you can influence it provided that they have a potential interest - Things like laughing a lot, being generally nice & easy to get on with and making an extra effort to please them will put you on the radar. Invite them out, perhaps just you and them on a friendly date.
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Why not, You can do whatever you want, everything is possible. You have the key if you know how to use it. Fortunately, It is so easy to control the human and people around you. You should know what kind of person he/she searches for and then act like that(Be someone who he/she searches for). Your behaviors is the key!
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  You cannot make someone love you. All you can do is be you and show the other person you care about them and communicate. If a person is going to love you they are going to love you if not then they are not.
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Many a times we wonder, we wish and we ponder on how to make a person love you and most of the times we fail to understand what really makes the other person attract you. Its a proven fact that beautiful girls or handsome guys don't always look for guys or girls respectively with good looks. They look for a person who can be with them at most times, they look for a person who is honest and they look for who is real.

Therefore in order to attract a a person, the first simple advise would be to be Yourself. Confused? Well, lets look at it this way. Be yourself in a better way. For instance you may want to comb your hair before going to meet that person, you may wish to wear good clothes. After all, its all in being yourself in a better way. To be able to attract a person, the best policy is in being simple. Boasting about money, fame and records wont help your cause because a person who loves you for those things doesn't really love you? Does he/she?. When, if ever you get a chance to meet or talk, use it to your most benefit. Having a good sense of humour can help your matters, though a good personality is more than enough.

Try, try, try until success should be your motto, for that you will be required to find the likes and dislikes of that person and may be show up when she/he really needs some one to talk to. All this can help but remember to love only the one who loves you.
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There are psychological tricks that can help a person fall in love with you.  Most people want to feel adored, special and understood. If you make that person feel that way they will be more drawn to you.  If you are hanging out with them and friends look at them when they talk and hold your gaze for a few seconds longer when they finish before looking at the next person talking.  Also fear is can help someone fall in love with you, if you get the chance go on a scary ride.  Also if you see them regularly and have formed a friendship, once you have spent time flattering, understanding them etc be away for a while so they can miss your company.  You could also try saying that another person is interested in you and you may go on a date with them, they may then see you differently and desirable.
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You can't MAKE someone love you. Sorry. But what you can do is this...find out what they like, do the little things that really matter. That is what people remember most. Start with the small things and work your way up. Make sure that you both genuinely enjoy each other's company. If everything is all one-sided, it will never work. Most importantly, communicate. My husband and I have been together for 5 years an are completely honest with one another. We have no secrets. We trust each other totally. Without trust, you have nothing. Do the things he really likes, make him dinner or his favorite little goodies, or call to just say.
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You can't make someone fall in love with you, its all got to do with whether they have feelings for you. However there are some things you can try. First try to be their friend,treat them with respect and gentleness. Even if this person does not have feelings for you if this is done well,eventually they will think twice. Just show them how much they mean to you but don't overdo it until they turn you down
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honestly,you cannot make anyone fall in love with you-although you can start off as friends then try flirting with him(just make sure you don't look like a desprad0) and drop hints and remember the more you run after a guy the more he'll run away from you but the more you run away from a guy the more he'll run after you. trust me-it works!
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Live Life to the fullest. Tell the Truth and you will never have to remember anything. And if someone ever gets mad because you said this or that just remember that it was the truth and hey the truth hurts so Tell the truth and you will never have to remember anything and no one will ever have a right to be mad at you. All they can do is be mad at the Truth
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I wish I knew how, I have found the man of my dreams and he was crazy about me but it fadded after a while, I don't know why, I really loved him, toke care of him, but I think I was so boring for him, I don't know. I wish spells where true
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According to me this is a foolish question. I am sorry for that.

Love should come naturally & instinctively but not by making them love you.

If you want to be loved by others, first of all you should love them.
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I think it is possible and we can do it by adopting good habits and work according to our lover and please him at every cost and our little struggle and our attention will surely work and we can make love every one by doing this.
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There is no way to get loved but it is the call from bottom of your heart that brings close two hearts for the purpose of love and friendship
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You can't make a person love you just like a person can't make you love them. You have to earn that person's love.

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