How Can We Seduce Someone To The Extent That He/she Falls In Love With Us?


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I think you would need a lot fewer than 20 tips to make someone fall in love with you. I am going to assume that you are already in communication with the person you want to fall in love with you.

1) Seduction is an attitude and must be incorporated in your personality rather than hoping to get a walk through to making someone fall in love with you.

2) Ask for it and you wont get it. You have to be subtle in your advances and never let your intentions be fully known unless you learn the art of timing.

3) Know when to hold and fold. There's not everything you can say at every instance.

4) Be witty and humorous but never go overboard. It shouldn't  seem that you are trying too hard.

5) Never be yourself. As much as they say it women do not like men with vulnerabilities. Most will always look for a stronger and younger version of their fathers.

6) Take command of a conversation, don`t let them lead you on. Know what you want and get it.

7) Find out how their biological clock works. Whether she's a night person or a day person, get her in a relaxed mindset and then you could make her go through her past emotional experiences of elation and vulnerability (pleasant ones only) and then bind verbal cues to associate all those feelings with you.

8) If online interaction, you only have the advantage of words, learn as much as you can about them but NEVER make it seem like you're willing to be her doormat, they don`t really like good guys you know.

9) Seem detached and unaffected by their advances, make them squeal and squirm, become a mystery and let them hold the dynamite but never really letting them have it, KEEP THE CARROT DANGLING.
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Loved your answer. I know the name of that one, but ah! but "that one" don't even knows that somewhere I exist too.
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^^that's very nice. I'm serious when i say this but be yourself. Girls hate it when guys lie to them and if you talk to them about your feelings (not weirdly of course) they'll get more interested.
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Sorry, but there is no such thing as seduction. Read all articles on and you will understand why it's all fake. It's all in those guys heads. It works just like horoscopes. People think they saw smth cause they were concentrated on it. For instance:- someone read in a horoscope that a good thing will happen in their life...and what a coincidence he got a promotion next month. Just a coincidence, but its enough to convince a lot of people- some dude used "seduction patterns" on some girl, and .... He picked her up. But you can't possibly know why it "worked". She could have been attracted to his looks even if he was ugly. Remember that looks is not the same as beauty. Few people realize it, and thats why they fall in PUA traps... To prove beyond doubt seduction exist you would have to compare the success rate of to similar guys: One using PUA stuff and the other just approaching THE SAME AMOUNT of women.That's the only way to eliminate coincidences.Guess what? No such study has ever confirmed the superiority of seduction. After 15 or more years of seduction presence in the media etc.!
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Just be there for them, even if they don't want you around. Sooner or later he/she'll realize just how kind you are, and he'll suddenly realize that he's falling already.

If you seduce someone, he might love for you for the wrong reason. I guess you know what I mean. So let him fall, because he really wants to fall.

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