I Want To Make Love To My Wife Tonight. What Romantic Thing Can I Say To Her To Agree?


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If your having to ask what to say to your wife then it must have been a while since you to where intimate, it's not just one thing, but many things that you should say through out the day, if you just say one thing romantic or nice she's going to think something is up, tell her all day long how much you love her,  walk up behind her, and whisper in her ear (I love you), compliment her on how she looks, but most importantly do not suggest making love, just love and appreciate her all day, do the little things that you know she likes...then after leaving your subtle hints around all day and you see that she is responding to your hints, whisper in her ear I want you, and start kissing down her neck....hope that helps....good luck
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You could also take her out for a nice candlelight dinner , with a glass of wine , and buy her flowers. Or take a shower together, or bubble bath.

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